I’m watching your light

I’ll wait for you no matter where

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when Summer melts away the tears;
when Spring blossoms towards the u n k n o w n—
I will find you

when I’m done wilting in depression;
when flowers b l o o m  even in winter—
I will find you

when s n o w f l a k e s fall like autumn leaves;
when the stars shine even in daytime—
I will find you

when I survive the whirlpools of anxiety;
when my heart then calms in o b l i v i o n—
I will find you

when the c l o u d s finally consume me;
when the universe set me ablaze—
I will be home

BTS dropped their Japanese song, Crystal Snow last night and I’ve been listening to it since. You know how much I feel about anything JPN. So, here is the product of my emotions conveying the song. I hope you like it. Please listen to the song a lot. ❄️❄️

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when words blend


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