“I hope that you all find the galaxy and a blooming flower in your heart.”

— Kim, Namjoon

Maybe I am the sun—
I am burning.
I am shining.
Yet too dangerous for anyone.

Maybe I am the moon—
A concept of time.
A celestial body of change.

Maybe I am a blackhole—
I have this pull of gravity that attracts every emotion.
Maybe this is why I feel too much.

Maybe I am a meteoroid—
A solid rock,

Maybe I am the outer planets—
no solid surface.

Maybe I am a galaxy—
everything and nothing at the same time.

Maybe I will never understand this universe inside me—
until I become one with the stars.

Maybe then, I will bloom flowers.
Maybe then, my soul will finally be free—
from the chain that is my heart
and from the cage that is my body.

Maybe I am too infinite for my own anatomy.

The universe represents our emotions, doesn’t it? It’s a million little stars, a series of wormholes upon wormholes, infinite, vast, indescribable, mysterious.

Scientifically, we are made of stardust. Maybe that’s why we are always longing for something out of reach—like the sky.

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I hope my words reach you,

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[Featured Image from cutewallpaper.org]


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