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I can’t believe we’re on our last day of the year! Does time really fly so fast or we just forget to slow down? It’s crazy how so much can happen in a day. What more in 365 days, right? I thought I lack in blogging but looking back, I think I posted just enough. Well, I think. 😅

To wrap my blog 😎 life this 2017, let me do a recap of my posts. I also have a list of my favorite blogs and entries, just in case you want to reread or you fancy new reads.

Shall we begin walking down memory lane?

I didn’t realize I posted 38 poems. I have others that I haven’t shared yet but you can check my Top 10 Favorite Poems here. I included like a really short “background story” in each.

I do self-loathing thinking that I am not the bibliophile I used to be before. I only did 7 Book Reviews. 😪

I really want to get back to reading. I feel like I get more sad because I don’t have the heart to do what I really love doing before. So, that will be a big step for me to take. Please recommend some books, too. I want to avoid YA as much as possible. My 2016 stacks are still stacks. Lol! 🤓

2017 is also the year I immersed myself in Korean Dramas. Here are my reviews. They are not much because I still tried to restrain myself from binge watching. It really does eat a lot of my time 🤧

I haven’t finished my review of While You Were Sleeping yet. That will be up this January. What are you currently watching? I want to watch more because KDramas make me reflect so much about life. I need that. Hahaha!

I also picked some of my posts that are the closest to my heart. These are the words that are sincerely honest; the most painful and hopeful. I hope these words reach you.


the train ride to adulthood (semi’s world: from fiery souls bloom fiery flowers)

on loss and pain (mel’s musings: from thoughts to words)

droplets (reveries of junice)

point of no return (the wallflower’s sphere)

for whom do i write? (votre memoire: through the memories of your past comes the most beautiful moment in your life)

minimalism dreams (kat)

on entitled motherfuckers & the stupid mentality of Filipinos (a blog by victoria: rant, stories and opinions of a caffeine-induced filipina)

metaphors and the midnight sky (i am that small girl)

within solitude (grimmatter: bless this mess)

self-care is necessary (d r e a m g a z e)

warm mornings (gerrytology: my daily does of reality with a shot of fantasy)

tanggapin mo ung pagkatalo mo (life of an introvert)

certainty and uncertainty (hey it’s odee: cnstntly reinvntng)

more epiphanies (bess clef)

ang layo na ng narating natin (aysabaw)

I guess that’s it. I realized I have lots on the list but it may take a really long while. 😂 I still have to finish my year-end post. Please look forward to it.

I hope you find the real meaning behind those words. Happy almost-2018! I will greet you again later. 🤣

trying to make this holiday a better one,


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23 thoughts on “Vienna’s Pick | Favorite Blogs and Posts

      1. Hahahaha, yas. Thou can call me V — it’s actually one of my nicknames. Hahaha. I’m quite excited for this year cause I have lots of plans and goals. Hopefully, ma-achieve ko sila lahat. 😅

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