The 1st month of the year is almost over and I just thought I’d do a quick life (?) update. ㅎㅎㅎ

I’ve been really sick the past two weeks since I quit my job. I’m getting enough rest but my body clock is just so messed up right now. I sleep at six in the morning. I’m just really up all night. I can’t write or stay online either because too much radiation makes me dizzy now. Lol These eyes, I swear. The good thing is I can read physical books! Hooray!

Currently Reading

The Unbearable Lightness of Being – I’ve picked this up and put it down countless times because I just can’t continue reading this in one sitting. I think I reread the first two chapters thrice. I have to think it through. It is that good. I managed to make it now to the Words Misunderstood. Good job @ me.

Currently Writing

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas | Not a Review – I just found out that Le Guin had passed away last week and I really want to write something about this piece. I really appreciate her contribution in the American Lit. Legend. (and look how beautiful Greece is in the featured image)

Currently Listening

Before Our Spring – Boy, if you think I’m done crying, you are mistaken.

Currently Thinking

if I should really take the child away from Omelas. As Mel would say, there is no right answer. I guess, she has a point. But, I think it will be right if you will believe in that choice; if you will believe that it is the right choice (for you, at least).

Currently Smelling

the cold breeze. If that’s even possible. You just know the scent of something. I don’t know how to describe it.

Currently Wishing

that I will get to sell my books. Here’s my attempt to minimalism. Somehow.

Currently Hoping

that help will come. I am not a damsel in distress but this time, I need saving.

Currently Wearing

my hoodie and shorts. I don’t know what time I’ll post this but it’s around 3am now. I am cold. In and out.

Currently Loving

my new theme. It’s not much but I like it simple. I already got to fix my Book Reviews category. I find it pleasing to the eyes. At least, that’s what I think. I’ll be editing more from my categories just in case you want to skim through it. >3<

Currently Wanting

a warm tea.

Currently Needing

cash. Lol Who doesn’t, right? I need a full-time job again. ASAP. Or Untitled-2 . Or use my link if you’ll purchase from Book Depository. Or use my link as well if you want to buy stuff from StyleKorean. I’d appreciate that >//<

Currently Feeling

anxious. To quit your job that you had for almost 4 years is like a breather; a new sense of freedom. Then, you’ll think of things like I have to pay bills and I have to look for a job again. Not that interviews bother me. I think I’m over that fright. The adjustment is probably what would kill me.

Currently Clicking

nothing. I’m not supposed to be writing this right now. I’m not even supposed to stay online. Lol But I really can’t sleep ~_~

I guess that’s it. How are you all doing? How is your 2018 so far? I hope all is well with you ~

All my posts are scheduled. That’s the only good side about quitting my job. I get to write whatever. I have lots of upcoming blogs, my thoughts are all over the place plus book/Korean and Japanese drama reviews on your way ★.★

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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 3 | Life & Links

  1. Nasa Words Misunderstood na ako. Yung part 2 ata yon. Pero mas bet ko yung unang Words Misunderstood. Tapos nagbasa na ako ng The Martian. Hindi ko pa ulit mabalikan yung Unbearable. Haha.

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