You know how you are all set and excited to start anew but January already passed by and well, it’s life. 😂 But let me share to you one of my favorite quotes from The Sun and Her Flowers:

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly”
-Growth is a process.”

Let us remind ourselves that we are, in fact, growing. Let us be gentle with ourselves. As for me, I’ve been really trying to do what makes me happy so I don’t lose myself. Journaling is just well, one of the many. You may not be into this but I hope you will still read on and have a chat with me 😊

I didn’t really set up a plan for my journal because:

  1. I don’t really have plans lol
  2. It frustrates me when my art doesn’t turn as I imagine (or want) it to be

But, I love art. I love art so much I want to get back to it. I want to fuel up the passion that died with my childhood. So, here I am. Trying.


It’s a month of loooooooove. I don’t really get the fuss over this Valentine’s Day but I don’t want to kill it for the lovers out there. Just don’t forget to love yourself. I won’t say to love yourself more. I’d rather you love yourself better. 💜💙💚💛🧡 If you know what I mean.

My first spread for this month isn’t actually the original one that I did. I messed up the first one so I decided to sacrifice a page and do it again. See what I mean by #2? LOL

This ain’t much but I wan’t to learn the art of calligraphy. Also, I don’t want to use too much red hearts so I added up pink and violet ones.

Love Yourself. Love Myself. Bangtan really did me good.


Compared to my January calendar, I decided for this month not to take so much space because I don’t have plans (see #1). Hahaha! I have a coaching schedule on the 9th (you can’t see it much because I used metallic pen) and that is just about it. I will put here my schedule (if there is) and my article deadlines on the bottom part. I’m not really a fan of hearts so I just used red and pink pens to complement the season.

월 in Hangul means month.

I hope you have plans. I keep thinking what I should do for the next day. 😪


Next to it is my blog ideas. I already listed so much but I want to keep it secret for now. 😅 Some are already scheduled so there’s that. I think the hearts in the border are cute. Hehe The violet looks like black, though. 🧐

This 2018, I want to stick to posting ten blogs monthly. I just managed to do nine last month. Also, my stat this January fell short compared to my January 2017. LOL Yes, this blog is very important to me. But then, I still got to 23,000! That is all thanks to you 🙂


My theme is new, if you haven’t noticed yet. I changed it last month and I’m still thinking if I should really get rid of my featured images to make it more simple. I will start on this post. I don’t know. I’m just too drained to think of what to put and it’s hard to edit. HAHAHA! Please send help.

[EDIT] Of course, I included a featured image. LOL I can’t make up my mind. This ruins my coffee palette theme. Lemme just think about this again. Phew!


On to the next page, I have my mood tracker. I messed this up! 😭 But, I hope it still turns good when I get to fill everything. This idea is from Amanda and this is really my favorite spread of hers. I also put three arrows that will identify my mood. Heh. I just realized that the word happiness can be divided as that. HA.PPI.NESS. 2. 3. 4. Words are quite fun to play with.


I also want to show my income tracker. It’s the pesos I earn from writing articles online. I just thought I’d break it down so I can consolidate the money I make and the hours I write the articles. I just think the circle thing is cute. It’s a cute messy little thing. Again, I got the idea from Amanda’s channel.


I realized I should magnify the hearts. 😝 I got too lazy to keep up with the calligraphy and Hangul is the best alternative. Its alphabet itself is art. I will write down here the books I will be able to finish this month and the series and movies I get to watch.

January was good in this department as I was able to finish two books, three KDrama series and one Japanese movie.

That is actually my last spread. I don’t do the weekly thing because I don’t write in my journal everyday. Just whenever I see fit. It is more like a diary. There are days that I will write how my day went or my dreams and there are days that I won’t. My life is not interesting lately so there is not much to write about. Besides, all my thoughts regarding stuff go straight here or to my group message with Junice and Mel.

There are days though that I will write on my journal: save me. Just two words but it says so much.

I really enjoy doing my spreads. They are not much but it’s therapeutic. Aside from Amanda, I also watch other Youtuber’s Plan With Me Journal vidoes. Amanda is great if you’re up to plain and simple bullet journal set ups. But, if you are more into details and crafts, you can check out Kalliopi. If you want to incorporate your arts into storytelling, Christine is the best at that.

I need to finish this here now because I need to go to work in 30 minutes. I’m on graveyard shift and I should say it sucks. I know I am pretty much of a nocturnal person but it is different when you work at night than when you just lie down and watch movies and read books. News writing is draining but I’m learning so all is well.

I already got lots of failures this January. Bad decisions and all that. I still beat myself for those things. But, I’m trying. I hope someday I can redeem myself and live the life I love. And I wish the same for you. 💕



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