my favorite crystals
shining, falling
covering me
like the clouds
—or is it smoke?

the world turns into white
only the sky
and the ocean
remains blue
—or is it tears?

I thought I saw the sun
smiling bright
giving me warmth
flowers bloom
—or is it blood?

when will the true
spring come?
my music keeps playing
but it’s never too loud
to chase away the screams

when will the true
spring come?
my heart is still beating
but it is weak and pale
like the sunrise today

when will the true
spring come?
each day I wait
each day I’m tired
will I ever see it again?

when will spring come?
please just set me on fire
send me off in flames
i’d rather burn than
die cold and freezing

It is cold and colder and sadder and colder and sadder. Both sting. Let’s end it here.

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