I have always wondered if a lot of people get so many thoughts while taking the shower because I do. I think it’s the only time my mind actually gets (literally) pouring ideas. The funny thing is once I get out of the bathroom, they all vanish – as if I rinsed them off me as well. Like those dreams you remember so vividly when you wake up but can’t really get hold of it for so long. All gone. It’s frustrating, right? So, I’m writing this now while I still have them.

  • Why does time feel like its going faster as we get older? Bangtan has a new interview on Billboard and RM said that in Korean, the word “future” is made up of two parts: not and to come. He said with that sense in mind, the future means something that will not come. Sounds negative? Until he ended up saying, “the future is now and our now is us living our future.” GAAAD! I love his perspective so much! owo (by the time this post is published and if you are subscribed to my Mailchimp list, you’d probably received or read my personal letter about this. I hope you like it)
  • My words are coffee stains—leaving its mark onto your days (I made a new Instagram account and this is now my bio. I also edited some in my Hello page and sidebar widgets to fully match my coffee theme. I know. Again.)
  • The shooting in Florida. I cried this morning reading the stories about the students and teachers who died. I saw a tweet of two brothers texting each other because they are on the same school. The one is in the 2nd floor and and the other is on the 3rd. I cried so much because of that horrible feeling; the anxiety that you might not see each other again. It’s so tragic.
  • SHINee’s first show without Jonghyun. I mean, I know he’s still there.
  • One Day – I just finished watching this and I’m just shookt???
  • This Is How I say “f*ck you” to Life. I was thinking of submitting a new article to Thought Catalog and this would be the title. Everytime I get to take a bath, I feel accomplished. Like, yes beyotch got out of bed. I won. Then, I remembered what I wrote in my recent entry, life is not a battlefield. Who am I against, anyway? It’s myself. So, this article might not come up until I get a better idea.
  • What to post first. I have too much in mind but I feel like they are not of good quality. I scheduled posts but sometimes I postponed it for a couple days more. There are so much in my drafts right now. Idk.
  • I checked the meaning of my dreams. Lately, all of them means me going through a change. Idk what the heck that means. Maybe because I’m looking for a new job and I’m really finding my brand. The things I really want to write about or whatever. Idk.
  • I’m really lazy but at least all my blog posts are “<p style=”text-align: justify;”>

I’m not sure when it’s going to be published but whatever day I set here, I hope you are having a good day or night, wherever you are in the world.

I’m also thinking if I can make it as a new content series for this blog instead of Sunday Currently. Like, Thoughts in the Shower. HAHAHA! What do you think?

「DISCLAIMER: featured image

P.S – if you fancy some thought-provoking perspective, I will leave here RM’s wise words compilation. In case you are wondering why I am so much into Bangtan. You blame the leader. (I mean, he’s just one of the reasons) He’s got so much to say and Idk I just really can connect with him. It has ENG sub, don’t worry. Break the language barrier, yall.

4 thoughts on “Why Do We Get So Many Thoughts in the Shower?

  1. Aaah, I relate to this post so much. Is it just me or do u get plenty of thoughts while you’re brushing your teeth? My mind constantly wanders off, drifting to a far away land.
    And about RM, yes that is one wise man. Him and Suga are two of the many reasons why I love that band so much. It’s quite interesting to see his perspective of things. He has always been mature for his age, no wonder he is such a great leader. Poetic and charismatic.
    Now, I’ll go check out that video.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i don’t. hehe this is actually the first time I got to think of when I get these thoughts and ideas since I’ve been all over the place. when something sticks, I’m grateful like “good job, brain. youre good at being brain today” lol that’s interesting, tho. maybe you should try writing those down, too!

      IKR. Intellectuals. Go, immerse yourself 😀


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