if falling stars
are fallen souls
where will I land?

should i choose
the desert to
keep my warmth?
or the ocean
where sadness
can drown?

should i remain
in the sky
to burn with
the stars?
will I even
be able to
choose that far?

if I explode
and scatter on Earth,
how will I find
my way back?
can I leave
traces on the map
and stitch myself up?

may it be
another lifetime
or light years away
just let me
be whole again.

until then,
you’ll see me
my arms
for something
’til I find
the cage
where I’m cursed
yet ablaze
yet alive

if i cant find
the debris here
maybe there
I will—

if falling stars
are fallen souls
that explains
why nowhere
feels like home

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when words blend

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