I’ve been wanting to do this for so long but I always ended up not doing it because:

    1. I don’t have the money
    2. I instantly eat everything before I can take pictures
    3. I always forget the price and that won’t really be informative

I still don’t have the money (lol) but I remember how long it has been since I said I’m going to do a review. See? This was September last year. I NEED TO DO IT NOW 😂

food review.JPG
I don’t have the other snacks here in this picture because these are more expensive than the ones I have now in featured image

*Note: I hate romanization. I believe that Korean words are not meant for that, but it’s the only way we can understand each other. So, I apologize in advance if I get the romanization wrong (if you know Korean). I just really think it’s harder to learn Hangul through romanization.

All these items are from 📍Sonamoo Mart in Ortigas. It is located in The Center Point building, Garner St. Cor. Julia Vargas St., San Antonio, Pasig City. You may click here to see the area.

Also, they renovated the place. The dine in area looks so much nicer now and you can chill there while you have your noodles or mandu, or wait for oppa. HAHAHAHA! I swear, there was this one time when I saw one. It was around 10 in the morning, and I was obviously late for work but I had to get some drinks because I feel dehydrated when I spotted this guy studying in there. He was reading this English text book and I was just like UWU HOW STUDIOUS!!!! Hahaha! Aaaaah good times ~


MANDU – PHP150.00 | KRW3,000.00 (8 pieces)

만두 (mandu) are Korean dumplings; it can also be fried, but they only have steamed in the store. If you are the type of person who always asks what is in the food, you may now look for other reviews. Hahaha! I can only tell you that like any other dumplings, it has meat (like giniling in Filipino, just more minced) and some veggies I can’t name. It is really good, though.

At first, I thought it comes with plain soy sauce, but nah. The sauce is a mixture of soy sauce, sesame seeds, oil, and vinegar. It is so 맛있어 (delicious) I’m craving again 😭


SHIN RAMYUN – PHP47.00 | KRW950.00

If you are looking for that Japanese ramen taste, this is not the product for you. However, Shin Ramyun (product of Nong Shim) is very tasty and spicy. I’m not sure how spicy this is compared to those from the Samyang noodle challenge, but it is enough to earn me a hot face and runny nose.

For instant noodles, I must say that I’m glad that it is not too salty compared to our noodles here. This is also a good substitute to my rice. It makes me really full. Our instant noodles are all about the big packaging, but the block of noodles itself is meh. This has a large block, mind you.

When I found this on the International Flavors aisle in Savemore, I got really ecstatic because I don’t have to go to a K-Mart. But, the price is doubled!!!! It’s PHP100!!! 😨 Nevermind. I’ll just go to a K-Mart when I can. This costs around PHP41.00 to PHP43.00 in KorStocks and Korea Town in Pampanga. Might as well get your stocks when you visit there.

shin ramyun
Bangtan likes it, too. So, I had to get my hands on it as well. LOL Look at  Seokjin uwu

There is also this one ramyeon from Ottogi that I love, and it’s called Jin Ramen. Well, I love Jin. You can choose from Mild (blue) and Hot (red). It also comes in  package where you typical boil it in water and with packets of seasonings. It is also cheaper around PHP37.00 to PHP40.00

jin ramyun


JAYUSIGAN – PHP47.00 | KRW950.00

I know, how is this chocolate the same price of the noodles? Well, Snickers comes close. It tastes like the Big Bang chocolate, but less sweeter and much softer. It is not sticky and thick like Cloud 9. It kind of melts smoothly.

I’m not sure how it differs with this Jayusigan chocolate bar I had last December but they taste the same. Also, the one I bought before only cost PHP44.00 (Ofc, I had it because I saw Jungkook eating it on Celebrity Bros. Hahahaha! trash)

kokal corn1kokal corn

KOKAL CORN CHIPS – PHP69.00 | KRW1,380.00

This tastes sweet because of the corn and a little bit salty. I think it’s a weird combination unlike how we have our sweet corn chips here, which is mainly salty. The thing with Korean snacks is the tastes really fight each other. It’s not just simply sweet or salty, it is always both. Neither is too strong.

It has a cute shape as well. This is the chips where you can play with your fingers and pretend you are someone evil with claws. Is that too childish? Not until you see two adults fighting over it 🤣


ACE CRACKER – PHP65.00 | KRW1,300.00

Here’s a little fun fact if you watch Korean dramas or variety shows. If you notice how they kind of adding ‘u’ sound at the end of the English words like ‘hearteu’ or ‘lifeu’, it is because of how they spell it with their alphabet.

에 is e || 이 is i || ㅅ is s || ㅡ is eu

Technically, it’s Ace. But if you read it using Hangul (they spell it based on how it is read), it sounds like Aceu. Their ㅅ sounds like t if it is ending consonant. You have to put ㅡ at the end of it to make the sound. (Correct me if I’m wrong but this is how I know it)

Just want to say that because there are people who still make fun of how they pronounce things like that. We all pronounce things differently sometimes depending on our accent. 😪 Anyway, this biscuit tastes like Fita. It is really plain and goes perfectly well with coffee or milk.

banana milk 1banana milk

BANANA MILK PHP58.00 | KRW1,160.00

Now for the drinks, we have this Banana Milk which is really really sweet. I love it though because it does really taste like banana; unlike those drinks that try so hard to imitate the taste of what it claims to be.

This is not the original packaging from Binggrae. This is how it looks like in SK, I believe.

Hehe that’s Eun Tak drinking it in Goblin and that fridge is owned by Bangtan. They have lots of banana milk because baby boy Jungkook loves it.



DEMISODA – PHP44.00 | KRW880.00

I got the apple flavor, but it also comes with orange. I really like how sweet it is like the C2 Apple drink but with richer flavor.

I also got a fish sausage but it was too traffic when I bought these so I ended up eating it on the way home. Hahahaha! But, this is the brand that I got:

fish sausage


I’ve tasted different fish sausages and they all taste the same to me. It is pretty raw so if you don’t like raw food, you might just want to vomit it like some of my friends. Hahaha! It also has a cheese flavor and it has a rough texture but it melts quickly. You can even skip chewing it, tbh. Just imagine eating fish/shrimp with cheese, that is how it tastes. Interesting, right? This is probably one of my faves!

I still have an old picture of the other fish sausage I got, the brand is Maxbon. I think this one is cheaper, around PHP30.00 each. It’s the same as the ones Bok Joo eat in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. LOOK AT NAM JOO HYUK UWU MY FIRST ULT OPPA!!!!!

It’s not in the featured image but I got an ice cream as well called Cafeore. Binggrae is really a nice brand. It is the same brand that manufactures the famous Melona and the banana milk I’ve mentioned above. This really tastes like coffee. Iced coffee, if you may. It is not too sweet or bitter. It’s the perfect blend!

coffee ice cream.jpg


Mandu - 150.00
Shin Ramyun - 47.00
Jayusigan - 47.00
Kokal Korn - 69.00
Ace Cracker - 65.00
Banana Milk - 58.00
Demisoda - 44.00
Fish Sausage - 55.00
Coffe Ice Cream - 25.00
Total: PHP560.00 / KRW11,200

If you are around Ortigas, you may also want to check Korean Mart in Parc Chateau Condominium, Sapphire Rd. It is literally the road before Sonamoo Mart.

There is another one a little farther from Strata 2000 called Ha-neul Mart. It’s in Grand Emerald Tower, Garnet Rd Cor. Ruby Rd. The same as Sonamoo, Ha-neul is 24/7.

The prices may differ depends on the stores as well.

It may be a little overwhelming when you first enter a Korean mart because they are literally like a small grocery stores so even the raw products are all there. It is really a fun experience, though. You should try and immerse yourself in other type of cuisine, food and culture 🙂

I really enjoy learning Hangul but it’s hard to progress when you can’t use it often 😦 I want to speak it this year, but my vocab still sucks and the pronunciation is meh.

I also want to look for Japanese marts but Koreans is dominating us right now. Please tell me if you know any Japanese grocery stores here. Gotta explore my ethnicity more.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these snacks as well or if you have any other K-snack favorite?

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