We wanted the freedom to love. We wanted the freedom to choose. Now we have to fight for it. —Requiem

This has been sitting on my draft since the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. The campaign video for #DreamStillLives were uploaded and it got me thinking how everyone has this dream for the world and humanity in general.

My dream is that we don’t have to keep explaining to each other that we are equal. — Whoopi Goldberg

How great would it be if all of it comes true? Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech still lives and we are not quite there yet. It does not pertain to America alone but definitely for the world as well.

Freedom. This word caught my attention the most. I used to think that freedom is faux. Perhaps I still think of it that way. I don’t think we will ever be free. Well, hopefully someday? We don’t have all the freedom to do what we want. There are rules that cage us; society that binds us. But if you will think of it, what would it make us without these restrictions? If there are lines not to be crossed yet we still cross it, how far could we go? How far would you go? When can we say that we have reached our limits? When can we say that enough is enough? Freedom comes with responsibility as well.

If there is a freedom that I wish for us to have right now is to be able to dream; and the freedom to chase those dreams.

I told a friend once, “I’m thinking what it’s like to focus on your dreams alone.”

She asked, “If money isn’t an issue?”

I answered, “If other things are not the issue. If yourself is not the issue. If you’re brave enough to drop everything and just go do it.”

She said she can’t imagine. Of course, we can’t. We have other responsibilities and things to prioritize before our dreams. You know when you were young and adults were like, it is free to dream? Then you grew up and realized that adults don’t really know what they are talking about—then you become one of them.

We are all busy paying bills; trying to survive; nursing ourselves; filing in the void; that sometimes, we just forget about our dreams completely. I’m thinking if our parents were able to fulfill their personal dreams before us? If some were not, is that why they try to impose their dreams to their children?

Are your dreams your own? Or, are your dreams for someone else?

I’ve mentioned this a lot of times already and my dream is to be a writer. I’ve had this since I was a kid but I don’t have the luxury to chase it. However, that does not mean I am not going for it. I think what is important is for us to take a step forward towards it no matter what. Cliched as it may sound, but one step at a time. It may take us awhile but this dream will help us keep going. Some people will say to love what you do, I’d say do what you love. At least, give yourself that.

Someone once said that it is okay to not have a dream. It is something I couldn’t grasp before. I keep saying that this dream will serve as my purpose; my motivation; something to look forward to. I realized though that I am not always inspired or determined and I don’t look forward to it most times. There are days that my dreams alone are not even enough to get me through the day. I have other purpose, too. It turned out that it is not just about the dream.

You know what I have learned from people who do not have dreams? They still have hope. They still have hope that one day, as they continue their journey, they will find that dream. So, until then, they will live. They will live hoping that they will find it, so then they can chase it.

What is your dream? Or, you’re still trying to find it, too? I hope you achieve it. I hope you find it.

hope, dream, keep going;

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11 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have the Freedom and Luxury to Chase Your Dream But You Still Hope

  1. I’ve had so many iterations of what my dream is and have felt lost so many times. Now, I still have a big dream/goal but I also tell myself to look at the daily. If I’m feeling happy or good about the everyday. And you’re right, when I get lost with trying to achieve my dream or even abandon a dream, there’s always hope. And I can always dream again. T_T

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    1. we need to live at some point so it’s okay if we don’t live fiercely and focus on the dream. we can always achieve that in our own pace and timing 🙂 just do not lose hope! 🙂

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