Hi, friends ~

I’m happy to be back with my monthly journal spread. I keep doing this even though I think I am not improving. Hahaha! But it is my first time using Tombow brush, so I was ecstatic!

monthly spread 1

Since June is my birth month, I decided to go with my zodiac, Gemini. I really suck at this, but it is fuuuuuun! And because I can’t do calligraphy to save my life, I just edited a picture of the universe and added the words “I believe in your galaxy.” Namjoon has said this a lot of times already and I just really love the words.

monthly spread 9


This is probably the only thing I love about the my spread for this month. LOL! I just love how the boxes for each date turned out. I don’t know what to put at the bottom and on the left part after where I put my WordPress count views. I don’t have any brain cells left for creativity.

monthly spread 8

I usually do not have a Mood and Habit Tracker, but I realized I really need them to get my shits together. I don’t know what I was doing with the “constellations” HAHAHAHA! Though, I’m excited on how it will turn out once I trace my mood throughout the month. Obviously, the longer the lines get, the happier I am.

For my Habit Tracker, I have:

  • 팔목 (wrist or cuff) – I need to exercise my hands everyday due to carpal tunnel syndrome, but as you can see, I have not done it in four days 😅
  • 읽 (read) – I will mark the days when I get to read because I need to make time for that, too.
  • 일 (work) – I just realized I wrote it as 입 gaaaah, even in Hangul, typo won’t leave me. Hahaha!
  • 자다 (sleep) – if I get to sleep at least 6h a day, and since I’ve been sick, I was always asleep 😦
  • 소다 (soda) – summer is no joke and my soft drinks intake is no joke, too 😦 I included it in my habit tracker so I can lessen it now.
  • 한국어 (Korean Language) – I am studying Hangul, but I’ve been slacking. I really need to catch up because I’m still in Unit III of our lessons and some of my classmates are already in Unit VI. I can’t even do vocabulary now 😦

monthly spread 7


June has started, it means another school year. It also means that I’ll be in charge of all the expenses now because my brother is going back to school. I divided the spread for the 15th and 30th of the month. If I will write everything I have to pay for though, this spread is not enough. LOL!

I decided to just put my Blog ideas and the Books and Movies I will read and watch this month in one spread—because let’s be honest, I can’t blog, read, or watch now as much as I used to before. Sad truth, I know.

I don’t know if I did the weekly spread right. Hehehe Is it supposed to have 7 days here for the whole week? I just realized that the 6 dates fit since we have 30 days this month.

monthly spread 4

I know this is nothing compared to artsy journal spreads out there, but the purpose of it all is to at least try to organize some aspects of life. You do you. Do not let your “lack of talent or skills in art” stop you from doing your own journal 🙂

By the way, this Victoria’s Journal is really great with 120GSM!!

monthly spread 3


Oh, and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 30,000 READS!!!! Even though I was on hiatus for a month, the views are still coming and I am really grateful 💘

monthly spread 2

here’s to hoping that i can write contents that can help you in any way,

x vienna x



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