When society tells you to be yourself, they don’t mean it, right?
I mean, how can they when they still judge you, anyway?

When society tells you to choose your own happiness and do not think of what other people have to say, they don’t mean it, right?

I mean, how can they when they still tell you what is wrong and right?

I think that is where the conflict starts.

I have a friend who just broke up with her boyfriend. They work in the same company. Now, the guy has a new girl, working there as well. I know it sounds cliche, but it does not lessen the pain and it does not make the coping easy for anyone.

In circumstances like this, I always think: “the audacity?????” To be honest, I don’t think I would have the courage to choose my happiness when I know there are people who will be left in pain. So, am I judging the guy and his new girl? Perhaps, because I know the feeling of being left behind because of another party.

But then again, my inner empath would resurface and will tell me: they are just choosing their happiness. You always tell people to be happy, right?

Then another side of me will ask: is that what you call happiness?

I think it is something I will never get the answer to. I think it is the why that won’t really makes sense to me. I just know that this is just one aspects of life that I will keep on questioning as it happens. But I know, in other paths of this journey, we can be genuinely happy without hurting others. I hope we always choose that.

I have a friend and today is her birthday. I am writing this to also tell her (I will send her the link later to make her cry LOL) that I am proud of her.

Girl, you are so strong for staying in the same company and for keeping your calm when you see those two together. You are so strong for getting your shits together; for staying professional and classy. You keep your manners and I am grateful to be your friend. I hope you get a new job, though. I think being away would help. I think. We all heal in our own ways.

I have always known that you have a big heart since High School and the moment you told us that you wish that they really get to be happy and be together just so it will be worth your pain I knew that has not changed. I am glad that you are still choosing to be the bigger and better person. I wish for you to heal quick. I love you so much ~

remember the person
you were before
those promises were made,
don’t allow that person to disappear too
—Nikita Gil

wishing you all happiness that does not hurt others,

x vienna x


DISCLAIMER: featured image; edited caption is from Nikita Gil’s Your Soul Is A River」

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