We had a solar eclipse on Friday the 13th, and today we are having the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! CENTURY! We are all dead on the next one because that would be in 2123. IT’S INSANE! NO DOUBT I’M REALLY GOING CRAZY! A LOT is going on up there and here, of course.


I have talked about before how I believe that we are all made of stardust and how the universe is inside me. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is.

My obsession towards the celestial has moved up to another level—astrology (thanks to my kambal lol if it weren’t for all the crystal talks that led to natal/birth charts).

You probably do not believe in your zodiac (sun sign) because you read something that is not you. Yes, same. I am a Gemini, and I am definitely not a social butterfly. Sure, I want to connect with people but not that. LOL But, there are also other things that affect the personality traits like your moon and rising signs. Then, add your ruling planet and all these other planets and houses. THAT is complicated. WE are complicated. The cosmos know what shits are going on. AND I’M BLABBERING SO MUCH. HAHAHAHA!

So, going back to the eclipse—it said that it is the time for self-actualization.

I am both scared and ecstatic about this change. I know, our life will only change if we will do something to change it. It is exactly why I am writing this now. I’ve been so shit for the past months (years, probably) and you can all see that through my posts. I am going through so much but, I’d like to take the pull of the moon to also pull myself together again. Hopefully. Tonight, I will throw myself away (the children of the moon will understand).

I will slowly reach out again to people and communicate better. Hopefully. I will talk my anxiety down to it. Misunderstanding really sucks. I hope we can understand each other better :((

There are so many things I need to take care of, and I want to do it now while I can still feel this energy.

I also need to take on more projects to earn more money because really, I have so much to pay for. So, expect me to post again regularly, if not daily because I am hoping that writing can really take me somewhere.

And if you noticed, yes, I changed my theme again (let me know if it has a delay in load time, though) because this August, I already have my posts laid out. I am still hoping that this blog will pave my way to the publishers that will take my on-going manuscript. Hehe Still dreaming.

I am really hoping that the cosmos will be in our favor even just this once and give us a shot to something bigger; something we can really look forward to; something we can have and achieve; something that can get us out of the mess we are in. It won’t happen after the eclipse, but let us still take the step today.

I will be going out at 3:30 to see the moon. Will you be up early too to watch it? 🙂 Let’s enjoy the sky tonight/this morning!

I’ll be back in August.

thank you for waiting and being patient with me,

x vienna x

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