I’m back with my monthly journal spread and it is my lazy version of bullet journal 😂 I was so tired doing the clouds last month and I thought ‘Ah, screw it.’

This might be weird, but I used Hangul this time because it is art in itself (and because I’m learning so this is a good practice). If you can’t do calligraphy or lettering, just do however you want it.

We can drop the aesthetic and lean more into the functional side of bullet journaling 😉

august 2

I have four pending book review requests and planning to finish everything this month. Really, I need to. I think my brain functions well when I read 🙂

And like I said, it is a lazy version. I didn’t know what concept I was going for and just ended up drawing a chess board. But instead of black, I will fill it with green. Very simple, right?

Why is tracking your mood important? Well, it helps me reflect. I don’t know about you. At night, I can think what are the things that made me happy and what are the things that went wrong and upset me. It’s an overall view of your day, not just a spur of the moment happiness or sadness.

Habit Tracker

august 3

Habit tracker helps me a lot! So, I decided to be more specific on it this month and divided them into two: Health and Productivity.

  • The sleep one requires at least 6h.
  • The water is for drinking a glass first thing in the morning because guess what?? I don’t. It is usually coffee that I first take in 😪
  • If the Soda remains uncolored, then it is for the best of my health 😅 The stars told me I should reduce sugar. LOL
  • I’d also like to see how many times I eat fish, fruits and veggies instead of just meat
  • I don’t really do skin care, but that is when I pamper myself like a hot shower at night
  • Yoonjin au is the second story I’m writing and I haven’t updated it so I need to keep track 🙃
  • I’m almost done with my Korean lesson. Approximately 4 hours left!

Now, for bloggers. A spread where we can dump our ideas is very helpful. Here, you can see that I already filled in the whole month. I am planning to post daily again (hopefully). Set some scheduled post, but I still lack a week, I think. If you have writing prompts for me, comment it down!

Also, instead of doing a weekly log like how the others do it, I set it in vertical box for week 1 – 5. These are deadlines for my write ups for work and since I don’t have that much project yet and one of these is just the same thing daily, there is no use in writing it again and again on a daily basis. See, this is lazy version. Hahaha!

august 4

Originally, I wasn’t planning on putting a month calendar spread since I just usually write deadlines there. I think it will come handy for other stuff anyway, so I added it.

I don’t know if you can see it clearly but there are brands and hashtags on the other page. It is all blog related stuff as well. (This is very disorganized yet organized. Nothing is absolute 😏)

I will post a content about these hashtags and how the algorithm works once I fully understand it all. Digital marketing shizz changes like every. single. day.

AND YES, I AM WORKING WITH A BRAND THIS MONTH. The brands I penned down are list of local brands’ contacts and I reached out to them before July ended and got a positive respond TODAY! I’m really excited about it!

august 5

Another page for blogging and social media tracker. I am going back to expand my audience to reach more readers. I did not set any goals. I just have to wing it, I guess. I want this platform to get me somewhere. If I already reached you, I am glad.

I’ve mentioned before that my journal is like a diary. The weekly log is no use for me. But, I use so much paper if I do a single page for each date. I’m sorry, Mother Earth!! I can fill two pages for just a day, really. I know, this brain. Ugh.

august 6

This is just basically it. I’m excited to post daily and I hope you will be here reading all of them 😌 Please, do not ask me why I used the color green. I don’t know either. I’m lazy to use/blend colors. AHAHA!

Please acknowledged that I changed theme and some parts of my About and Contact Me section. I finally found what this blog should stand for 🙂

I appreciate you lots. Please join me as I try to get things done and redeem myself from the mess that I am. Happy, August! xx

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12 thoughts on “Korean Journal Spread For Bloggers + Brand Collab

  1. I love bujo. I’m a bujo enthusiast myself. I finally got the bujo and design that I actually liked and kept it. Been doing bujo for 2 years now. I love your bujo though. I hope you dont mind if I take few of your bujo points, like the sleep tracker and the mood tracker. I

    Keep up with your Korean Lessons. I actually am envious kasi you get to squeeze all the points you need with the Korean writing. LOL! But I’m more into the calligraphy. Maybe I’ll keep that instead.

    Looking forward to your other posts and spreads. I’ll plan with you next time 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I just started last year I think I haven’t found the design I like to keep yet 😀 It’s okay! Take all the points you want, I also just got them from others ahaha

      It’s a practice! I wish I can do callig and I think I’d stick with that if that happens. My hangul writing is still bad 😀

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I post them every first of the month 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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