My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday ぼくは明日, 昨日のきみとデートする (Lit: Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You)

I was excited when I saw Nana Komatsu was the lead girl; I loved her from Drowning Love. And Sota Fukushi!!! I thought he was Kento Yamazaki in the first clip!!!

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It is about a guy (Takatoshi) who got drowned when he was 5, and a girl (Emi) in the age of 35 saved him. The guy turned 35 and he saved the 35 year old girl who saved him in a festival – but that girl is actually a 5 year old girl now. Confusing? It’s a time loop. The guy’s life passes in the usual clockwise. However, the girl’s life tick in counter clockwise. So, everything that happens to her is in reversed.

They met again when they are both 20 years old. They met every 5 years, but only for 30 days. It was like meeting half way. For Takatoshi, everything was a first. For Emi, everything was the last.


It’s sad! I am not a fan of time traveling, to be honest. I can grasp the thought of reincarnation, mind you. But, time traveling is something beyond my comprehension. With, reincarnation, I can believe because like I said, I question things and feelings that we can’t explain. I would say deja vu, but I am leaving that to science. I believe it is in scope of psychology.

Anyway, time traveling. Time loop. This is like Benjamin Button 2.0 but in this movie, there is no end. Again, it is a loop. It’s not clear what happens beyond those years of 5 and 35. The concept is really confusing for me.

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However, I really liked it because it gave me another thing to think about time. Time. Time. Time. It is a big deal, isn’t it? I thought, why do we keep complaining that time keeps on going faster and faster when in fact, it is just. It doesn’t fast forward or go backwards, it just goes on in a steady rhythm. Have you tried listening to the tick of the clock when the world is quiet and there is no sound but it and your heartbeat? Fact: I do that to calm my breathing when I am having attacks. Why do we hate time so much when we are the one using it? When we are the one spending it? Why do we blame time when we are the one who waste it? When we are the ones who do not use it right? How to use it right, anyway? How to live life the right way?

I am still thinking of my answers 😂 Those are the thoughts that this movie left in me. I would love to know yours, too! Let me know when you watch it! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

  1. Tama si Aysa, nayanig kami dahil sa movie na yan. Si Amielle at Aila di na mapakali, ang daming tanong.😁

    Agree din ako sa mga realizations mo about time. Kaya dapat i-spent natin ng maigi yung oras natin, kase hindi na natin yan maibabalik.

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  2. Actually no. She did not grow younger as days go by, nor did time tick backwards for her. It is just a parrallel/ alternative universe/ timeline that co-existed and linked in reverse.

    The movie was told in His perspective most the time, that’s why it seemed that way. However, as you can see in the later parts of the movie in her perspective, she is progressing her everyday life from 5yrs old being saved, to 15yr old seeing her portrait, and having collected the 1st red journal, to 20yr old first meeting and writing 2nd journal towards gradually turning to stranger and watching him from afar, and eventually rescuing him and giving the locked box at 35.

    She was progressing from her day 1 to day 30 from his last day towards his first.

    Each time he asked her permission for a request marks the last time she will experience it(intimacy, holding hands, relationship, seeing each other again), bringing her to tears.

    The story is sad because you know she doesn’t want to approach him the same way he did to her, choosing to stay away and simply watching him from afar as he gets younger, choosing to suffer in silence. I personally find it selfish of the man who painted a fantasy time-loop love story since her youth that had her waiting for 5yrs just to end in 30days.

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