Isn’t it annoying to have a list of your blog posts with designated dates but you end up not following it? Right. I can’t find the right words for what I was supposed to be blogging about right now so you have to bear with this. It fits for today, anyway 😂


sunday currently

Can you believe I still haven’t finished Kundera’s book yet? I know. It’s just so hard for me to finish. It’s making me question things too much. I had to stop, really.

Anne of Green Gables has always been a childhood favorite, but that’s the anime. So, I’m reading the books now.

Legacy of Dolyn is my first book review request so I’m finishing that first.

The Waves. Well, I love Virginia Woolf’s poetry so I told myself I am going to read all her works and discover more about her. I watched The Hours last month (? i lost track of time) and has been reading more about her. I feel like it’s not enough that I just know her works. I want to delve into it.


This blog post and after this I have a couple of articles to finish. I am also writing a story over Archive of our Own. I am suddenly reminded to update that one. Right.


Are you still surprised? LOL We need views! Watch it on Youtube. Give my man what he deserves.

I miss BTS, though. I can’t fangirl as much as I used to because there are more important things to deal with irl :((


of the abortion rights in Argentina. I was not meaning to dwell on it but I saw people RTing on my timeline and I got curious what is happening. I’m thinking why there are so many people wanting to legalize abortion. I’m thinking, not judging. It just made me think about the circumstances that you would want to kill a child inside you. Aside from rape cases, that is.


Desiccated coconut 😂


that it would stop raining because it is starting to flood again. As much as I love the rain, the storm is another story.


that you will Buy Me A Coffee because I badly need funds 😂


a very comfortable gray hoodie and shorts. It’s a lazy day 😌✊


astrology. I would love to post something about this. It is actually helping my mental state, mind you. How I got into it and stuff because it is actually a funny story and I would love to share it.


a job that will let me earn so much $$$$$$$$$$$ where my body won’t collapse from over fatigue. Something that I can really enjoy. Okay, it is okay if I don’t enjoy it completely as long as it will help me pay the bills. I will think of how to enjoy later.


💰💰💰💰💰💰 need I say more? 😅


Cold. It’s really cold right now and I’m sleepy, too. I haven’t been up for 5 minutes? We are back to that cycle of sleeping too much or not at all. Tiring.


through Upwork because I’m looking for more projects I can work on. I will also write something about freelancing. I’m just gathering my resources. Please look forward to it.

How’s your day today? Please stay strong xx

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