People were calling it ‘The Show’ and I knew it as that. When I downloaded it, it says ‘This Is Your Death’ and my dark humor resurfaced, even you – want me dead? HA HA HA!

I was outdated when it comes to Hollywood films, but when I was reading articles in Thought Catalog, one of those mentioned this movie that was released last year. You know I’m a sucker for tearjerker movies, so I went with it—without reading what it was all about! And man, I was so shocked. It was an understatement. First few minutes in, I thought I died.

It was so intense. I didn’t expect a movie to start with that kind of scene, but well, it’s the plot. So, okay. I was frozen to death as I watched. I couldn’t take violence very well so I spent the whole time watching trying to cover the screen when I knew what was happening.

Here is the story, a TV Host, Adam Rogers played by Josh Duhamel, witnessed both murder and suicide in his live show. It was traumatizing, obviously. ‘Til he thought of something. ‘No one should die in vain.’

They created another show called This Is Your Death. In this, they gathered people who already wanted to die. It is literally dying to be on television. Now, the audiences and viewers, in entire America who is watching, will donate to these people committing suicide in the show. All the donation will be given to the family of these people who would be left behind. Yes, they do the killings in the show. Live. With Audience and cameras and all that stuff. It was morbid! Different people killing themselves in different ways. I didn’t know how much I had to pause and puke because well, even I covered the screen most of the time while someone is killing him/herself, my imagination was still too much.

So, why did I continue watching it? Because somehow I get Adam’s point. Horrible, yes. Twisted, yes. It is just downright wrong. But, for someone who knows what it’s like, you would not want to die in vain, too. It’s wrong, but your brain is just telling you shit, you know? It’s wrong. Suicide is never the answer. It should not be an option. But, these desperate people, in their own ways, wanted to do it because they were already in the edge of the building, anyway. Ready to jump anytime. STILL, IT WAS HORRIBLE. I don’t know how the viewers could take it. I just love how it strengthen the sense of hope, importance of family, and love. You will find yourself empathizing with these people they aired on TV. You will see different stories and it’s all heartbreaking.

We already know what’s right and wrong, but when you are suffering from mental illnesses, your thinking could be twisted. Sometimes, the concept of right and wrong gets blurry along with your thinking. The brain is a mysterious thing. So, the message here is to seek help and find your ground. If you are lucky enough to be ‘normal’ and free from any of these illnesses, always listen. Be patient. People with mental illnesses have the capacity to always withdraw. Hold them and keep them near at all cost. Do not let them float in the abyss alone.

The ending was so tormenting, mind you. I would literally die if it was me. This movie was all wrong and that should lead us to the right choices and reasoning.

Let us help each other.



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