I’m supposed to do the daily blog for this month, but I haven’t blogged for two days now because my Taurus moon keeps on winning (and I already reached my goal heh), so I guess I’m just gonna schedule this for September since you might be already fed up with my monthly journal spread 😂

I was thinking of writing an autobiography, and I thought it would start with the first memory I remember in childhood—which obviously led me to this idea.

  • I was going down the stairs with my father. I was really sleepy, but I need to go to school. I was probably about four or five. Tatay was teaching me some stretches and exercises to get rid of my sleepiness. It still makes me smile up to now.
  • I have also a bad memory on that stairs, though. I remember waking up at the middle of the night and my mother was about to go down carrying a luggage. I asked where she was going, but she put me back to bed instead. I remember going back to sleep as she stroked my hair gently. Perhaps, she was crying, too.
  • All I ever wanted to draw as a child were trees and fairies. Nothing else. Ah, maybe the mountains, too! There was this huge tree hollow at the back of our classroom during first grade and I can’t remember now if someone made up a story of fairies living there, or it was just my imagination. Human memory is confusing at times.
  • I have a favorite guava tree in my grandmother’s house, and they also had a well! Ah, I miss the hammock!
  • I used to chase dragon flies, just to release them again after. I loved them too much that I destroyed them.
  • I did not just play during summer. I studied Math and English every afternoon with my brother and cousins. We had to be ‘smart.’ LOL I love spelling the most.
  • A guy, in the name of Jeric, made my second grade felt like hell. My mother had to go to the school to report him because he would always jump on my back, like bro, my backpack is already heavy, who tf are you??? I wish I knew how to stand up for myself, then.
  • My brother is only a year younger than me, and during his first grade, he got into a fight. He accidentally broke a teacher’s mirror. Of course, the ate that I am, I talked to the teacher. I felt brave. 😆
  • Also in second grade, there was this girl called Noreen, and she was the least hygienic. Since then, I hated it when people call me by my second name. I think I was secretly a bully, too. Our mind is indeed the most dangerous weapon.
  • I broke my right arm in third grade. I cried so hard because I thought I would never be able to write again. I taught my left arm how to hold a pen.
  • In that same year, I got pushed to the trash can by my ‘escort.’ It was funny because I became a muse, then. I guess that was my classmates’ way of bullying me. I can’t remember how that happened. But, I felt so pathetic with that arm bandage.
  • I was a flag bearer in fourth grade. Then, I got a failed score in my Science exam and my teacher blamed all my ‘band practices.’ I decided then that I hate the subject. Maybe the teacher, too.
  • I ‘upgraded’ to being a majorette in fifth and sixth grade. Sosyal. LOL I think I can still do some baton tricks.
  • I talked to a ghost in fifth grade. Well, at least I thought that was a ghost. HAHAHA! There was a new building at school, and the cr was really empty, but it felt heavy? I don’t know how to explain. I don’t even know if you believe in all those shizz, but I can see or feel them. My relatives said that I saw my dead aunt before. I called her and even pointed at her. It would be nice if I remember that! She died when I was three, and she was my mother’s closest sister. I wish I knew her longer.
  • One afternoon, I saw my grandfather’s cousin sleeping on the garage. I remember thinking why was he sleeping there. The thing was, he was not sleeping. He was dead. He died in his sleep. The thought still makes me freeze. I should have tried to wake him up, right? I should have asked why he was sleeping there. I think it was summer, but it felt cold.
  • I drowned when I was 11 (bless I’m still alive!), so when I say that I feel like drowning, I really know what it’s like.

Wow, it will sound more like a tragedy than an autobiography 😅 I hope you enjoyed reading it, though. What’s your first childhood memory? I would love to know, too! Or maybe you can also dedicate a post for it. It should be fun!

Yes, that’s me in the photo 🤭


2 thoughts on “Get to Know Me through My Childhood Memories

  1. Nag stick out sa akin yung kinausap ka ng mumu sa cr, lol. Naalala ko yung mga kwento pag bata kayo na laging may mumu sa cr kaya dapat sama sama kayo iihi hahaha!! 😛 Ang cute na majorette ka before. Idol ko yung mga ganyan haha! So nice to read about your younger years!

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