Here I am scheduling a post for Monday morning. HOW PRODUCTIVE???? 🤪

Hi — before the month ends, I’d just thought I’ll make a quick life updates and what is in my blog for the next month! I would love to do a Sunday Currently, but the format won’t fit everything I want to say 😅

New Contents

— It is kind of weird to feel that I am on hiatus even I am not? I still blog now and then but there is something missing I can’t quite put my finger on it. So, I want to add more structure into this blog. Consistency is the key!


How satisfying it is to look at May?? HAHAHAHA! I have lots of blog ideas since June that is just sitting here on my journal and it is frustrating. I want to put it all out here. But no, I won’t be posting everyday. Consistent updates would be on weekends and I will throw one post in weekdays (if time permits, or whenever I see fit).

I will be adding contents, too. Not just how I usually post and wing it. I really feel that you are not getting anything from here LOL so:

Learn: Freelance Writing — I will add posts about the things I am learning in freelance writing, and hopefully it will help you as a writer, too. I already wrote one about how to look up for online writing jobs. If you have question about it, just let me know and maybe I can write it for you. ALSO!!!!! If you want to try to be a freelance writer, message me! I might have some for you. It is for Philippine residents only, though. Anyway, I hope this type of content will help our blogs grow to a beautiful tree 🙂

Ghibli Films — My goal is to finish all the Ghibli films this year! I am stuck on my 10th, but I thought I’ll do reviews for each. There will probably be 3 films in one post; just a really short ones to give you the idea of it. I SWEAR, THEY ARE ALL GEMS!!! From Up on Poppy Hill would be my favorite so far, story-wise!

Bubbles of Gratitude — I realized how gratitude can be as delicate as the bubbles. Even if you don’t pop it; it eventually disappear back into thin air. Nonetheless, I want to keep these bubbles so I am writing them down into existence. I will share them with you as well at the middle of the month. I hope we can remind each other of all the big and little things that matter. [Edit: it didn’t happen, but I will try again]

Blogs/Articles of the Month — I have been reading lots of different articles, especially the self-help ones. I want to go through the blogs of the people I follow, too. Then, I will link and share my favorite ones here at the end of the month. I’m really loving the self-help articles; it helps my mental state. I hope it will help you as well.

That’s about it for new contents that I thought of. I hope I can think of more valuable ones for you. Hehe Now, for the life updates [that probably do not worth your two cents ahahahaha]

Life Lately

— Okay, wait. Is there a past tense for ghostwrite? Ghostwrote??? FINE IT’S TERRIBLE LMAO But yes, I ghostwrite a poetry manuscript of 5,000 words. It’s 72 poems in total. Uhm, I don’t know what to feel about it. I ended up loving the pieces I wrote. I told myself it is easy to write without any attachment, but it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WITH POEMS.

POETRY IS SO INTIMATE TO ME. I started writing it trying not to make it too personal. I was like, “Okay, do not write about your experiences; think of the nature or a made up scenario in your head.” But no, it did not happen. My soul is there. At least a bit of it. Still. Also, I think I charged really LOW. I’m not doing that again. Nope. I raised my fee!!!! It was a lesson. I’m really proud of that milestone, though.

— Yes, I still do bullet journal. It keeps me put together. If I miss doing it a day, I get more all over the place, and that makes the anxiety worse. So, if you have a habit that makes you feel that you are somehow in control, do it. I know some people who clean their room/space when they are having anxiety attacks. CLEAR THE MIND, PEOPLE!

I am into astrology. It’s okay if you do not believe in that, just leave me alone and let me believe what I believe in. HEHEHEHE It is more than your zodiac sign. If you do not even know your moon sign, do not talk to me and say it is not true because we create our own truths. LOL I can’t thank God enough for creating the universe. I get more amaze the more I learn about it. It’s really exciting because it has a touch of astronomy in it, even though science disregards astrology as science—it is definitely the 134340. Okay, that is for another blog post!

— I haven’t picked up my Korean lessons. I’m supposed to finish my 2nd course this month but I’M SO BAD AT TIME MANAGEMENT. I am starting to forget the words again, it’s so frustrating. Can someone be my study buddy? Hehe Let me tell you, though, I am so exposed in Spanish and German the past month because of work. It is not something I need to learn but with everyday exposure to it, I might as well.

— I’m really liking the look of my blog right now. I don’t know, it’s still the same I guess it is really the eyes and the perspective 🙂

It’s getting long, so I’ll stop here 🙂 There’s nothing much going on, really. And I’m still the girl who cries looking at the sea and the sky — but with a better mindset (I think; I hope). And in case no one asked you today, HOW ARE YOU? How is life lately?

We have 2 months left until the year ends IT’S INSANE. How can time feel so slow but going too fast at the same time?? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Anyway, it’s starting to get cold. I hope you are warm and living life. You matter 💛

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