“I love seeing gentle souls,” I surprised myself by saying this in my head as I was riding the jeepney. I realized I like the word gentle more than nice – or even kind.

Oh, gentle souls.

You know how people always have their guards up when they are outside? Outside the comfort zone where everyone seems to be looking, judging even. I don’t know if you notice; I don’t know if you do it too.

But I always see it.

I see it on the way someone stares hard back at you as if you are judging; when you just accidentally zone out in the first place.

I see it on the way someone fakes a smile or fights back the tears.

I see it on the way someone who wears a stern face trying to look fierce.

You can’t blame them. The world can be a dangerous place. You will never know when you will be the victim; when you will be treated badly. And it’s sad.

But I love seeing gentle souls.

solution pad

I see it when people put their guards down as they sleep in public transport. Have you noticed how some people zone out too during the travel and commute? You can see how their minds go somewhere – anywhere but there. It can be the deepest or the most random thoughts.

I think that can be one of our most vulnerable moments; that is when everyone is gentle.

I was suddenly reminded of what I have talked about with friends about ‘aura’ – that air that surrounds a person. It is not the face you see or the expression that someone exudes. It is what you feel about them.

I think most of us forget about that energy because we are used to judging the appearance—what seems obvious to the eyes.

And that is where we need to go from: the eyes. Look through the eyes, and you will be surprised at how much you will see. Even someone with the strongest features can have the gentlest character.

I’d love to believe that we all have gentle souls—it is just that, sometimes, the world gets too noisy that the voice gets shut; the world gets too cruel that we all need to put a facade.

Perhaps, what the world needs is more gentleness. Breathe and talk instead of scream through anger. Cry and feel if you must. Laugh out loud whenever you feel like it. There is nothing wrong with putting the guards down. There is strength in showing vulnerability, too.

If we will just be a bit more gentle to ourselves and others, do you think we will all loosen up a bit? Do you think it will release all the pent up and heavy energy?

Please be gentle.

How’s it going, you gentle soul? ✨ I hope you are having a great November so far 💛

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