The world is lighting up; it is that time of the year again — hello, beautiful and gentle souls ✨

I can’t believe we’re halfway through November, so that means it is time for my new blog series: Bubbles of Gratitude. I mentioned last month the epiphany I had about gratitude (how like everything else, it can be fleeting) – so I’m writing it down to remind myself of the details because I forget; because memory fades.


Writing – it is SO draining to write for a living. Sometimes, I don’t even know how I’m still able to form words. I feel like a robot sometimes writing this and that, but it’s paying the bills—still not enough for other payable LOL, but it puts food on the table, and it sends my brother to college. Soon, I know it will all be enough to settle things.

Also, just when the month started, I got a call that made my heart paralyzed with happiness. It was too funny because it was just a job interview. A JOB INTERVIEW; it wasn’t like I would pass, but it was the company I would LOVE to be in. So, to be contacted after I submitted my application online was a huge deal.

I think what made me included in the shortlist was my writing experience. They prefer someone with copywriting skills; I would not send my intent otherwise. I made it to the final interview, but I still haven’t gotten a call. It’s been two weeks. However, even I don’t make it, I am still SO thankful for the experience.

BTS – oh, you guessed it right. HAHAHAHA! I can’t fangirl as much as I used to before; heck, sometimes I can’t even scroll on stan twt and see what is happening. #adulting

It is all still the same, though: every time I see BTS achievements, watch documentaries about their hard work, all I could think of is I want to be better. I believe that we all need those people that would make us push ourselves further, higher. BTS is that to me.

My Big 3 – Nica, Junice and Melanie. I am SO grateful for these people. I can’t even call them friends. Perhaps, soul sisters? They help me get through the darkest days and celebrate the better moments. They accept all versions of me—even the most flawed ones.

My Family – I can still call them that even we are broken, right? We can call a family even beyond blood, right? Yes, I am grateful for my parents and my brother. I can weep to my mother whenever I want to; sometimes, I still cry for help to my father (it hurts my adult pride lol ‘cause c’mon beyotch, you are a GROWN woman but yea).

My brother is studying well in school. When he heard me once when I said I am missing fangirling because of work, he told me that by next year, I would be able to fangirl in real life A.K.A Japan and South Korea. LOL

Also, there was this day when we walked down this peaceful and quiet subdivision away from home, and we kind of built a plan. He was like: “How much do you think the lot costs here?” when I said it would be nice to live in the place. You will undoubtedly read about it here when that happens.

Army Academy – It’s hard to pick up my Korean lessons these days, but now that Army Academy is starting to set tutors and classes for the fan base, I think I will learn better!

The Creator and the Cosmos – I am SO grateful for everything Universe. I am so amazed; I am so blown away.

I saw the Orion when I was trying to spot the full moon in Scorpio last week. Orion is probably the only constellation I can recognize without trying. It is not complicated; it is beautiful. I was SO happy to see the Hunter at dawn.

Christmas Lights – I am still not sure if I am happy or sad looking at the lights. All these blinding twinkles send me emotions I can’t even name. Junice said the word nostalgia, I said yeah, but I think the word is overrated—not something I am looking for. So, I thought maybe it is neither in my mother tongue nor the English language. I would say it’s the mixture of two Japanese words: mono no aware  and yugen.

Myself — I am still not where I want to be, but I know I am where I’m supposed to be right now. Some recent happenings in my life made me realize why things had to happen in the past years. I am being prepared for something.

Sure, I am not as better as I wish I could be, but I will get there. I am grateful for myself for moving forward. I am not as miserable as I was this time last year; I am not that sad either (at least, at the moment I am writing this – because that crippling feeling always comes back whenever it sees fit). I still have lots of things to take care of; I will get better until I am proud of the life I live. I am not yet there; it’s still a rough road ahead.

It feels like a long list, but not really. Still, it should be enough to be reminded of the good stuff, right? These are the things that I am grateful for—bubbles of different sizes I am encapsulating in a snow globe. There, I can’t pop it, and I’ll make sure I don’t break it either.

What are you grateful for?

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