Should I be happy to feel contented or should I be contented to be happy? I blog so much about happiness but not really about contentment, I believe.

I saw a tweet from the Astro community that made me want to talk about it now.

My Gemini ass just HAD to respond, so I said:

Being grateful is different from being content. We are grateful.

I swear I am SO grateful for a lot of things. Why am I not content? It is solely about me and not the things I have; not the people I am surrounded with (I love the people around me). It all comes down to myself.

Say, I want these things (material possessions or personal achievement/fulfilment) that I initially don’t have. I would think that I need to work more until I can have it; until I reach it; until I become it. It is like that for everyone, right?

It is not like you are not grateful for what you currently have. You just have other things that you want that you know can be attained through hard work. Perseverance.

It all comes down to me. I am not necessarily unhappy about it, either. I just know that I can do better.

Also, I believe that happiness and contentment are not necessarily about what we have or what we don’t.

RM told a story of the conversation he had with a friend during his ending ment at the Happily Ever After muster. His friend called him to say that he is “SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I’m sitting on the dirt here, and the wind is sweeping by. I felt so happy and wanted to tell you, so I called.”

RM said that he wondered if he could feel truly happy without thinking of anything.

I saw that ment after the job interview I mentioned in my last post. I felt that kind of happiness and contentment.

I was casually sitting there waiting for my name to be called. I was admiring the office because it was really a dream come true.

At that moment, I felt so happy and contented. How did I know? I was not nervous. I wasn’t particularly thinking of other things. I was present. I was there.

Some people say that if your dreams do not scare you, they are not that big enough. Perhaps, it is not big enough. But, it is enough for me to feel SO grateful that I was given a chance to be there. I didn’t think what could go wrong or what if I don’t make it?

I just felt that I was supposed to be there and that was enough for me. Yes, there are times where being grateful and content come at once.

Maybe we should not give too much weight on happiness and contentment. Either those are emotions or a mindset to you; they are fleeting. Feelings change and your perspective can change, too.

I guess what we should keep in mind is to stay in the present because that is the only way we can enjoy the moment.

When was the last time you feel happy and contented?

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6 thoughts on “When was the last time you feel happy and contented?

  1. I actually completely agree with this. I’m a gemini, and I find myself so so so grateful for what I have. Like you said, sometimes I feel like I want more, but not because I’m not grateful for what I have, but because i feel like I can do better. I feel like I have so much untapped potential, and for that reason I’m not completely content at the moment with some things. Great post, and I completely relate to what you’re saying xxx

    Melina |


    1. oh you’re my people, hello!!! are you May or June Gemini? 🙂 I’m glad I’m not alone on this!!! People always think that you are not grateful when you are not content lol I mean, we can always be better, right???

      Liked by 1 person

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