“IT’S DECEMBER 1 I’M SCREAMING INTERNALLY!!!!!”– my message to my friends at 12:22 in the morning. I. AM. SCREAMING. INTERNALLY.

I felt like I was just self-pitying last summer and the next thing I know, I’m too loaded that I can’t even afford to breathe and breakdown, and then, IT’S ALREADY DECEMBER??????????? Wow. How are you all taking this? IT’S DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!! How are YOU??? Did you already get that ‘plot twist of the year’ everyone is so obsessed about?

BUT, IT’S REALLY DECEMBER!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!And my bullet journal-ing journey is a success!!! I can’t believe I’m on my last spreads of the year. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

If you’ve been a reader since last year, you will notice how melancholic (???) my posts are during the BER months. I’m not a huge fan of holidays; I don’t think I ever was—even as a kid. So, my December spread is simple and not festive.

I got this set up from Amanda’s spread for December 2017. I love winter (even though we don’t have that here LOL). I love how it sets the mood that I am feeling for the holidays. Also, Crystal Snow is my b8tch, plus blue is my color. What do you think??? I’m not the most artistic, but yeah 😆

Calendar Spread

I write too much, so I maximize the space when I can. The dot count for this is 6x 7. Of course, I had to include Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung because it’s their birth month. As always, you see a snowflake inside the 18th. I always fill that in for the past 12 months now. 

Blog Spread

I am planning to do the blogmas (yes, I’ll be blogging daily). I have a goal of 50K views this year, but I haven’t been blogging like I used to. It seems far-fetched now. I am still hoping I’ll make it to at least 40K before the year ends.

Yes,that’s moon transit right there. I take down notes how I feel/deal with my emotions every time the moon changes sign. LOL (Also why I removed my mood tracker spread)

Habit Tracker

My habit tracker is probably the spread that has gone to lots of revamping. I finally decided to just stick to the most important. Let’s be real, if I put my Korean/Grammar lessons even though I know I can’t pick them up this month, I am just fooling myself. LOL It is really about what works and functional for you!

Sleep is not relevant to me, to be honest. HAHAHAHAHA! I will shade this if I get 6 hours of sleep a day. That’s the most I can have. I hate myself even it’s just 5 hours. I don’t know, I feel like I’m wasting my time when I sleep.

Work because I rarely have off. I mean, I can have, but I have too many things to pay for. Not writing/editing for a day makes me feel SO guilty.

Blog!!! I want to fill in all the days! I really hope I can finish this blogmas with flying colors!!!

XPork. I’m going vegan! Well, not really. At least not at the moment, but I will get there. I started to cut pork, and after two months or so, I will get rid of chicken and beef, too. Do vegans don’t eat fish as well? I’m still learning the alternatives and familiarizing myself with the lifestyle before I dive headfirst into it.

Weekly Log

Again, I like to maximize the space that I can get. I put lots of to-do list and stuff—from the major projects to the simplest task like ‘clean your desktop’ 😆 I love writing those down, too. It makes me feel organized and moving.

Also, I always get confused about the week/day/date even though I journal (so what more if I don’t?) so I put a mini month overview of the month to the weekly spreads and highlight the current week it’s in. It helps me get my shit together.

After the usual spread, it’s more on diary entries.

Really, there is nothing too complicated in my spreads. I don’t also use the proper journal-ing pens and stuff. I’m too broke to buy them. 😅

Items Used

Please sponsor me with some Sakura Micron pens. 😂 Talk to you again, tomorrow!!! Yes, I already have some blog posts ready 😉

I hope we all have a better December 💛

If my words touch your heart somehow, I hope you consider donating. It will help me keep this blog running. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH 💛

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