We all know that self-care is more than the superficial like taking care of your self through pampering or getting 8 hours of sleep a day. Self-care is not all about comfort.

I have read before that self-care can be you waking up at 5 in the morning, going to the job you hate because you know it is still taking a step towards the life you want in the future. Sure, you might say that self-care is leaving the job that no longer serves you or make you grow. But, for some, it pays the bills and let them save up for something BIGGER. It can be toxic for them, but since they have this mindset that getting through it means a better life afterward; it makes them stronger, too.

To be honest, complaining about the job you don’t like and you not doing something about it (not looking for options so you can finally leave) is a waste of energy. It will immediately drain you the moment you wake up or before you sleep on Sunday night thinking you are going to work again the next morning. For some, they treat it as a milestone. You don’t have to like it, but maybe don’t hate it, either? I know how it feels like do go to work that you don’t want anymore. It affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. Either you s8ck it up, or leave. Really.

It’s how I came up with this blog post. I like the thought of it—getting through the uncomfortable, building something from the circumstances that you do not particularly like, acknowledging that everything comes with a price.

Self-care for me is going my journal at night (technically, wee hours lol) and crossing out all the projects I’ve finished throughout the day.

Self-care is a job well done. It is that feeling that you accomplish something on a daily basis. It is paying the bills, buying groceries and things you need to survive. It does not matter how big or small; the important thing is you acknowledge your effort and hard work.

Self-care is pushing yourself to the limits. Self-care is knowing that you can always do better; that you can always be better. In that sense, self-care is a mindset, too.

What is your idea of self-care?

P.S – do not get me wrong, a warm bath at night is part of my self-care, too. I am not all about being hard on myself. LOL We all need that gentleness, too—especially with ourselves.

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