It’s been so long since I wanted to write about my interest in Astrology, but I didn’t know where to start until I saw a post that made me realize why I am into it in the first place.

It is so true I had to laugh. I would admit, it is helping my mental state. It helps me understand myself and why things happen the certain way. You might think I probably really lost my mind believing in it instead of seeking therapy, but we’ll get to that. For now, let me get to know myself better through the stars.

I’ve been in Astrology side of Twitter for quite some time now, and I’m learning a lot. I saw a couple of people talking about how weird it is when people ask them if they believe in astrology because they see it as a tool more than a belief system; hence, the title of this blog.

I wondered if it goes the same for me. I’m not sure, I just know I believe more in the creator more than I ever did in the past. I mean, how powerful and amazing that Supreme Being is to get everything aligned? (Not all astrologers believe in God, but there are also some who do – this is not about religion; you can believe or not, regardless.)

I was so amazed how there are so much more beyond the “Horoscope.” I really thought it’s just, I don’t know, not true? Since I never fully resonated with Gemini. It is the reason I got into Astrology in the first place. I wanted to know the depths of it—being the Gemini that I am. LOL The irony, I don’t connect with the sign fully, but it still speaks of me somehow.

It is because we are made up of all the signs. Remember Divergent? We can say that there are certain traits in us that just dominate the rest. How about the Hogwarts houses? I am Slytherin, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have Ravenclaw traits. I don’t know if you get what I mean. It is one of the things I love about astrology; it doesn’t cage you to be just this or that. It gives so many rooms for growth.

I also remember watching the morning news while preparing for school and there’s always this horoscope segment that I still memorize until now where the astrologer always says, “Hindi sa bituin nakasalalay ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Mayroon tayong free will, gamitin natin ito.”

She’s just saying that the stars are just guide, and it doesn’t predetermine everything for us; that we have free will—a power to choose. I like that about astrology, and how people in the community are saying that it is not a “tell-all.” We are given the choices and in return, we face the consequences; the responsibility in our actions.

I have learned that most Horoscope is not based on your sun sign (the typical sign you know, the sign on the month you were born), you look it up through your ascendant – maybe why some of us think that horoscope is bs. It was really mind-blowing for me, life-changing even.

It is also when the thought of co-creating comes to mind. I believe in Amor Fati so much—the things we can control and the things we can’t. We co-create this life we have. Sure, there’s ‘God-will’ but also free will. Nothing is absolute.

Astrology also helps me reflect, and this is HOW. Knowing my astrological placements help me consider some of my traits and dig deep if that is really me (if that makes sense). ‘Cause sometimes, we do not realize some of our attitudes until someone pointed that out. Good for you if you know yourself so well and you do not get confused of your identity.

Sun represents the ego; the basic identity.

I was born on June 16; a Gemini. It is my Sun sign. What doesn’t sit well with me having this sign is the archetype that Geminis love “going out.” Please, I am a homebody, going out is the last thing I would want to do. Though, it is true that I can be a chameleon. I can adapt easily, whichever group you put me in; I can join it just fine. I can be acquainted with the old and the young. Though, it ain’t true that I am the “life of the group.” I lack humor.

But yes, I present myself as someone who can always be there regardless of the situation because I want to be there—especially for the people I really care about.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, yes I love learning and information. I do lots of things all at once. It is true that Geminis have nervous energy, so we can’t stand still. Ask me about my hobbies, and I’ll tell you how I’m learning Korean while I’m also learning Astrology and taking free grammar and writing courses online. I NEED TO KNOW IT ALL. I update two of my fan fictions on weekends plus writing for the blog. I work on weekdays while I read at night and watch KDramas. Yep, I can’t just be STILL. Telling me to relax or chill is an insult. 🤣

“There is so much overthinking truly, Gemini suns gather understandings of themselves through words and what they can describe.” –astrogrIz on Twitter

Why do you think I write? It’s my self-expression. It’s my ego and creativity. I take pride in my crafts; I want to be known through it. Yep, that’s my Gemini.

Oh also, it is in my “5th house”:

“You find your identity in your creations. You feel your best expressing yourself without anything restricting you from throwing your entire self into your creative outlets.” –gemeauxlogy on Twitter

The moon is the inner you.

Taurus moon. I couldn’t connect with this placement at first. Me? A Taurus? Taurus is known for being slow-paced. My Gemini makes me going on too fast, I’m a whirlwind of thoughts. My inner self really wants to calm the fuck down, though. My Gemini is really too much sometimes I can’t keep up with it.

taurus moon

My moon helps me keep my ground; it makes me stable somehow. I would say I love it for that; I need stability and comfort.

“Since Taurus is an earth sign, those with the moon in Taurus have a very well-thought out and neat way of handling their feelings. They aren’t a big fan of messy and public emotional displays, so they save it for home. They rarely act out in front of people they’re not close to. Those with a Taurus moon always think things through before acting on them. They are cautious and like to be prepared when it’s time to do something. BUT they’ll only do things on their own time, so don’t even TRY rushing them or telling them to slow down.” –gemeauxlogy on Twitter

I laughed at this when I was still new learning astrology. I can’t handle my feelings properly. I CRY IN PUBLIC, but an epiphany hit me just a while back that my Taurus can actually be my placement that repressed my emotions for me.

I told a friend that I can be a crybaby (thanks to my Cancer Mercury – and I just get really emotional and sensitive), but I don’t always cry in a spur of the moment (if movies and books, yes, but real-life situations? Not really). The emotion sometimes builds up that when I cry, I don’t know when or how to stop. I have my moon to thank and curse.

“They like their own space. They like to create in their own space.” –astrogrIz on Twitter

Ascendant/Rising sign can be how you come off to the world. A first impression, if you will.

I love my Aquarius so much, my very very dearly water-bearer. Do not misunderstand, though, it is an AIR sign.

“Aquarius people are typically bold in need to speak their truth and take a stand for the underdog, but when it comes to themselves they are a bit shyer, and their approach to matters of the heart does, in fact, scare them.” –milkstrology on Twitter

If you have seen my thought about the child in Omelas, that was my Aquarius. I was so blown away when I was learning about this sign that I couldn’t help but think “Oh, I wanted to save the child in Omelas, s/he seemed treated like an underdog.” And I’m all about writing my Truth.

“Aquarius strives to be independent, the free-thinker, the one who questions everything & everyone (especially if those people/things don’t line up with their own beliefs). They want to be unique and refreshing. Conformity doesn’t sit well with these placements.” –gemeauxlogy on Twitter

I may come off as someone who is always judging. LOL No. When I question things, I just really want to KNOW (might be my Gemini, too).

“As an air sign, Aquarius usually gets the “flighty” label stuck to them, but they ARE a fixed sign. They’re a lot more firm in their beliefs and logic than say Gemini, who is a lot more likely to keep an open mind. Aquarius is often called aloof or detached or heartless too, because of their more serious and steady nature, but they’re actually very loving & loyal. They just aren’t touchy-feely, openly affectionate like other placements can be.” –gemeauxlogy on Twitter

My Big 3 is a whole mess. As a Gemini, yes, I want to keep an open mind and try to understand everyone, but my fixed Taurus and Aquarius can be stubborn and firm to what I believe in that I sometimes do not welcome other people’s ideas. It’s really about finding the balance.

Oh, I hate clingy-ness. LOL I don’t say I love you or I miss you often. It makes me cringe.

It’s funny how all my Big 3 placements are objective thinkers when I keep saying that I am subjective to a fault. It could be my other placements, and there are things called Houses and Aspects that affect all these planets, too. Besides, my Mercury is in Cancer.

“Mercury represents our logical, thinking & communicating selves. It tells how you learn, how you get your point across, how you speak & rationalize.” –gemeauxlogy on Twitter

Cancer is not driven by logical reasoning. It uses the heart more than the head. I’m just glad I have enough Air influences which help balance out my water.

These are just some of the major planets, and see how much I have to say about them and myself? It is how I reflect and assess myself. Imagine if I talk about my whole chart (which I will never)!

Again, astrology made me realized so much about my identity, and that’s what matters. It is a tool, but maybe, also a belief.

More interesting astrology facts I love/hate about me:

My friends call me a realist. But yes, I still believe in MAGIC and STARDUSTS and FAIRIES uWu

I’m still learning so I’m not sure if I interpreted things correctly, but I love how astrology can have so many interpretations.

What’s your sun/moon/rising? If you are interested to know your chart, you can get that from 🙂

It’s all thanks to Nica of Musings Of A Non Muse for introducing me to the Unknown and the occult.

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