I just mentioned on my previous post that I lost the will to blog, but I got an email about my current plan.

wordpress plan

This year is my 5th year blogging (not that I’ve been doing it consistently the first 3 years). I asked myself if it is still worth it to renew. Will I lose all my contents here if I don’t? Can I really bear to say good bye to my domain? I’m not sure; I guess I still have a month to figure that out. It’s freaking $177 LMFAOOOO

Anyway, I created a new a new Instagram account for my poems. Perhaps, I can write you some pieces and accept commission to help me fund this blogging space that I’d still love to keep.

poetry instagram

「DISCLAIMER: featured image

If my words touch you somehow,
I hope you can help me
fund this blog 💛


‼️ PAYPAL.ME ‼️ KO-FI ‼️

4 thoughts on “an email – a reminder to blog?

  1. ang mahal no? mine’s going to renew this november so i still have time to figure my shit out. i just like the reader in wp.com that’s why i stick here. going wp.org is cheaper by a whole lot but maintenance and possible monetization is hard. (i tried applying for google adsense but they didn’t accept me (twice). plus “marketing” your blog is harder because your posts won’t be seen on the reader. even if you tag it, it won’t be seen. so if you want more traffic it’s very sariling sikap) dami ko sinabi ang lapit na ng march 15, good luck! 🙂

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