I’m not sure if I already mentioned that I live in a small town known as the Art Capital of the Philippines. It is easy to forget especially if you do not go out that much – like me 😂 But you see, everywhere you look here, it is filled with artworks. There are murals on the street, we have the Petroglyphs, and a couple of museums. It is the place where children take arts classes during summer vacation.

I was all reminded by this when I finally stopped and actually looked around me; when I paid attention again to my surroundings. There is an Art Walk inside our local town’s mall, so I took some pictures to share with you. I love arts in all forms – may it be the written words, tunes and melody, and imagination brought to life in various shapes and colors.

With this, I thought of doing a tour-ish post in the future where I’ll just go around and be a dayo in my own town 😂 Can’t wait to show you the galleries soon! And hopefully some of my arts, too – I’m planning to go back to it. NOT that i’m good 🤪

book depository vienna noreen

There is really something about art that tugs on the heartstrings. I hope we don’t get tired of painting the world with our own personal color – it would not make sense for some, but for others, you could be a masterpiece.

See you on my next post. Please don’t forget to tell me what you think on the comments below. I would love to have a conversation with you about our same interest like this one 😊💙

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