Way back in September last year, I saw Krishel posted something about Ghibli Films that I’ve been dying to finish watching all movies that year. Of course, it did not happen. I decided to continue with this goal again and there’s Kiki’s Delivery Service to start off with. I also said I would make a review for each film, so we can say this is an attempt.

I remember Krishel mentioned that this film has an open-end. I love open-ends, it gives more room for my imagination. However, we can also consider it not having a closure. I’d just like to think that my thoughts that wander beyond the story is the closure itself. Heh. Bittersweet.

Continue reading at your own risk…

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It makes me really sad that Kiki could no longer talk to Jiji. I am a cat person; I am DEVASTATED. Not that I can talk with my cats. LOL I did my research about this and what opinion other people have. Apparently, Jiji is Kiki’s childhood. In the end where she could no longer speak to Jiji; it conveys that Kiki finally grew up – towards adulthood. I made myself even more sad now.

“The most important thing for Kiki is […] whether she can meet various people on her own. As long as she is flying on the broom with her cat, she is free. But, to live in a town, to get training means that she has to be able to walk the town alone and talk to people, without her broom or her cat.” [from a Japanese forum]

The last part of the quote above made me realise that:

Sometimes, we really have to grow on our own – to walk the path alone, to silence the noise and listen to what our hearts truly desires without anyone telling us what to do or who to follow. Without Kiki’s broom and Jiji, she had the chance to explore on her own, right? She wasn’t depending on anything or anyone.

For my first epiphany about the ending and symbolism of Kiki losing her power before I’ve read about Kiki not being able to talk to Jiji again, here it is:

Flying is like breathing to Kiki – it is familiar until it was gone. I’m not saying that she took her magic for granted, but I think we all exhaust our magic at some point. I realised here that we all find our magic again when we set intentions and purpose. With Kiki, she was able to fly again when she wanted to save Tombo – a strong desire. I hope we all find our magic – that burning passion to be of service – both to ourselves and to others. I think that’s what Kiki, as a witch, is all about.

I hope that made sense! How about you? What do you think of the story? And while you’re here, help me decide which one I should watch – or perhaps, which one should I write about – next? Here’s my list (i hope i list them down correctly):

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