The first quarter of the year is almost over, happy March 1st, my cool beans. I’d say time shoots forward really fast, but I remember how I made up my mind that time, even uncanny, has been nothing but steady. Imagine time spiraling towards the future, and that somehow reminded me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

Time. Time rules the tides, after all. Stars Lost in the Sea

Time. A constant. A story I’ve just read made me realise this again. We know that change is the only constant in the world – inevitably, you can only define time through it. The moment the sun rises until it dips down the horizon, you know something is changed. It dwells in the seasons and in the depths of the waters. It is the flower completely withered between the pages of a tattered notebook. Words unsaid, feelings unexpressed. Time accompanies and takes space—just like everybody else.

planet shirtTime. It doesn’t stop for anyone, but listening to the firm tick of the clock as I try to calm my breathing, it somehow does. As I focus on the the rhythm of each second with eyes closed, there is no indication that time indeed moves forward – or backward, for that matter. It is just a steady stroke, rooted. And somehow, time seems to be timeless.

..until the waves and the tides come crashing back again.


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