It’s April! Where was I? A lot has happened while I was away from the blogging world. It is just so hectic. Phew!

Remember when I said I’m getting a tattoo when I turned 25? It finally happened last month. I got a different one from what I originally planned, but I really want this because it means a lot to me. It is completely healed now, I believe.

you did well jonghyun

I don’t know why some people say it hurts to get a tattoo? It didn’t hurt me, or maybe because it’s small. Let’s see if I get a bigger one next time. IT WAS SO ITCHY THE FIRST TWO WEEKS, THOUGH!

Also, I left this one job I had because it’s giving me too much anxiety. Anyway, I am now part of the wedding industry. Well, technically, it is still in the line of digital marketing. I am a PR Assistant and Content Editor at the same time.

I really admire everyone of you out there creating contents. It is one thing to blog but reaching out to brands and actually working with them is a completely different story. It’s so busy, but it’s really fun. I love it.

On top of that, I still accept gigs and other freelance stuff. Just recently, I got 5 stars for my poems. I’m so happy! As an aspiring poet, I feel so validated. 🙂


If you noticed, I changed my theme. I know. Again. It’s just that, I didn’t renew my plan anymore. Given that I don’t blog as much as I used to and I’m not earning anything from here, I can’t justify (and I’m too broke) the premium plan. I only renewed the domain because I don’t want to give up my blog address; it’s been through a lot.

It also means that I don’t have control over the ads you will see here (except my affiliate links, of course). I’m sorry if it’s annoying and it affects your reading experience.

My plan will expire on the 14th, I’m not sure what will happen to my blog overall. I just know that this theme might change back to its original color scheme because I just customised it to fit my brand’s coffee theme. If I set a goal through Ko-Fi, will you help me? Hahaha!

Oh, I finished Reply 1988 and Encounter. Would you like to hear my thoughts about it? I LOVE ’88 THE MOST TO THE POINT THAT I ALSO WATCHED YOUTH OVER FLOWERS: AFRICA! AND I THINK I COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE WITH PARK BOGUM SO SO SO MUCH! TMI: We share the same birthdate. (Why I also ended up watching Encounter. LOL)

I really haven’t gotten back myself yet completely, so my words are just not quite there yet as well. I just really want to put up something here. How are you all doing? I hope you are coping just fine. Life can be really too much at times, but I kind of made peace with all the shit. Trust the process. We got this, my cool beans ✨

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4 thoughts on “new gigs and tattoo

  1. Congrats on getting your first tat! The images are loading up, so i can’t see it, but that’s exciting! Some tattoos hurt, but it all depends on the location and size!
    I hope you’re enjoying your new job! Hope you’re doing well 🙂 xxx

    Melina |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just realised why the photos ain’t loading! my bad 😂 thanks for always dropping by, Melina! I should be able to read thru your blogs as well on weekends! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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