I was thinking about why I didn’t take psychology in college (aside from many other things I wanted to take) when I realised I struggled with science in 4th grade. Maybe that’s why. It was a built-up trauma for the subject. ๐Ÿ˜…

Now, my interest revolves around human behavior. I always think ‘what could be the trigger?’ or ‘why are they acting the way they do?’ Considering these things make me less judgmental and more understanding.

With that said, I remember my thoughts after watching Encounter: it is hard to understand people, but it is also hard not to. I mean, I kind of become this person who always says “maybe they are like that because..” It sounds like I always find a reason to justify other people’s actions. It can be horrible at times.

hyyh era

Then I got into astrology, I even got moreโ€ฆ mindful โ€“ both of others and myself.

In astrology, your birth chart is like your map of the soul. Digging deep into it, I encountered more about Carl Jung’s model of the psyche.

I really really really love the fact that Carl Jung has also explored astrology to understand his patients. And I really find it interesting how his concept and astrology kind of align.

jungian concept

Do you ever ask yourself who you really are? It is the exact reason why I love the Jungian concept. It shows how we are layers and layers and layers and layers of different personalities. It is not like a part of you is fake; it just suggests that we are all capable of change and growth. It is like that in astrology as well. Planets and houses present a lot of things that make up a person. Perhaps, it is why they call it the map of the soul after all.

Imagine my excitement when I found out that BTS’ new album concept is MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA – I was so stoked!

reflection of youth bts

Following BTS, I have written quite a few theories with my friends on how they are exploring youth โ€“ facing traumas, trying to heal, finding solace and refuge in people and places. Itโ€™s admirable how they incorporate their feelings and experiences โ€“ real and raw โ€“ in all their albums. It is one of the reasons why I love Bangtan so much. They make me think, but most importantly, they make me reflect.

As Iโ€™m writing this now, we are currently streaming Boy with Luv. Can you believe they have a song before called Boy in Luv? See the difference? I am here for this kind of character development. I really believe they have developed the stars given to them by the universe.

Halsey is also here in the music video. It is the first time that BTS has included another artist in their title track. Iโ€™m still so giddy about the fact that Halsey even harmonized with them in Korean. Music really does transcend language.

What do you think? They are worth the listen, ayt?

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2 thoughts on “what is your persona?

  1. It’s amazing how you put BTS and Carl Jung in one blog entry. I think I should read up on Jung, I’ve been encountering his name in a lot of places (articles I’ve been reading) lately. Thanks for the intro.

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