Self-expression means the world to me. I believe that it helps us deal with our emotions better. If you are mad, having an outlet can release the feeling without you harming others or yourself. If you are in pain, it can help you cope. It is how we turn pain into arts, right?

Though, self-expression is different for everyone. You can express yourself and identity through your clothes – your fashion style. It can be how you show your emotions through facial expressions in the most authentic way possible. It can even be through photography. There’s a lot.

You know how some men are always expected to toughen up because they are men, so they feel ashamed when they cry in front of others? Fuck that. Cry all you want. Let it out. You are human, too – with emotions. Express yourself.

And when girls want to wear clothes that they want, but they can’t because it’s ‘too revealing?’ Fuck that, too. Teach your children to respect people regardless of how they dress because it can be their way to express themselves. Perhaps, it is their way to feel good about themselves. Who are we to take it away from them?

Personally, I express myself through artistic endeavors – so I write. I also express myself true music. Even though I don’t sing, I can play the guitar. It’s fun; it’s thrilling; it’s challenging. I also love listening to different songs. So much. You can’t pin me down in one genre. It’s all over the place. Here’s my spotify(dot)me result:

Spotify Lifetime Top Artist:

방탄소년단 boy with luv

Recent Listening Top Track:

bts boy with luv

You think I’m all BTS? I mean, you’re not wrong! Hmmm, but look at my Spotify Lifetime Top Track. I am really not kidding when I say Japan is calling me. It will be my home someday. I am claiming it.

last scene your lie in april

And this is how I listen. It’s really a mixture of genres.

different music genres
spotify me

Songs let us express ourselves depending on how we are feeling at the moment. It may not be you who create music, but these songs can feel like you have a friend who listens and understands you. If you are the person who makes music, thank you. I appreciate you so much. I hope you keep filling in the world with these amazing sounds.

And lately, I’m going back to one of the things that my younger self love doing. Arts. Yes, I really love arts in all forms – not just the written words and the made-up melodies. I love arts. I love animes not only because of the stories, but I love the ‘animations.’ I love galleries and museums. Paintings, drawings, or whatever you call it is like a portal to another dimension if you get what I mean.

Here are the few things I’ve done:

pink jimin
sleepy hobi
sleepy jungkook

It’s all BTS because they are my inspiration. I’m glad they made me pick up the pencil again. I also like how I focus on the lines, the details of the drawing, unlike in writing where I focus on my thoughts. In writing, it can be bad that I dwell in my thoughts, but it can also be a release. In drawing, I just zone out completely. The world doesn’t exist. It is just me and the paper I try to fill in with wonders that is BTS. Hahahaha!

Ugh. I just really love their music so much. I mean, the lyrics especially Mikrokosmos? Unparalleled.

How about you? How do you express yourself?

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