You know how you encounter people, and there is this certain aura each exudes? It is how I register people I meet since I have a hard time remembering faces – even my own face confuses me sometimes.

My first impression on people is the aura, not the facial feature or anything. I don’t know if that makes sense. I just know I say this a lot ‘*** gives off the same aura as ***’ – that is how I remember.

The other day, I retook the personality test after two long years. It changed again! I used to be ENFP-T then INFP-T. I guess, I became more introverted now – though, it should not be a surprise after I cut ties last year. I’m now INFJ-T, and I’m still trying to decipher all this. It just really amazes me how we all go through these changes yet still feel the same somehow?

Last February I asked some friends about their first impression of me. I wondered then if it’s my facial feature or my aura. Now that I found out that my personality type changed again, I wonder if the impression I leave on people changed, too.

does first impression last
first impression
first impression people

These three people are part of three different chapters in my life – from high school to my first corporate job.

It’s funny how I can really come off as snobbish and cranky. I know it’s my eyes and how my lips are naturally frown-y. LOL Or maybe because I’m impatient and I can be really strict, so my words tend to be harsh most of the time. That’s my façade, though. You have no idea how I’m too emotional and always always always understanding all sides of the story. But see, I can be approachable, too – depending on how you approach me, of course.

I may not be the gentlest, but I’m still soft and gentle. You have no idea because my words cut deep – but I also believe that my words heal.

With this, I believe first impression lasts, given that some of my friends still remember. Maybe, the ‘firsts’ are really instilled in our brain hard. Though, I also believe that not all first impressions matter in the long run, especially when it’s not the real you. Maybe the first impression says so much about the one taking us in instead of us coming off as this certain persona.

I just thought I’d share that. Hehe! What’s your MBTI? Isn’t it nice to self-reflect and see how much you have changed and grown the past years?

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