The people in our lives are like chapters in a book. We meet them in certain happenstance, and sometimes, they just stay there. We can’t really expect them to be there in the succeeding chapters, and that’s fine because they still serve their purpose. They still impart something on us; they are still part of the story.

However, you are lucky enough to find your people, blessed even.

And I am.

soul sisters

I never thought that three of the most beautiful souls that I met in different chapters of my life would be together with me in one place.

The sun to my moon.

The moon to my sun.

The sun to my sun.

My guiding lights.

My best support system.

soul sisters

These souls know my deepest intentions, my wildest dreams, and my darkest thoughts. These souls know the “extent of my anxiety” (quoting Melanie) and the reasons behind my hysteria. These souls understand my actions and my words. These souls listen without prejudice. These souls cheer me on, lift me up, and help me keep going.

Today is one of those days I’m happy I am alive. Today is one of those days I’m glad I stepped out of the house.

Today is just one of those days with them, and I wanna spend more days like this with them.

soul sisters

It feels like my different worlds colliding, and I am happy. I am grateful. I am blessed.

Thank you. I love you three… thousand. 💙

But above all, thank you for the food. 😂

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