I was excited when I found out that 5 Seconds of Summer was coming back in Manila for an exclusive show. I was even more ecstatic that it could be a chance to meet my people, especially those who have been there beyond the concert scenes; those who you can talk to about random stuff and those who you can drag for coffee and a meal after office hours – a bond built through music. What a great foundation, right?

Unfortunately, the intimate concert was just a matter of luck – or more so, entries. I didn’t make it to 300, and my other team members and friends didn’t make it through as well. We are not as privileged as others think. It was sad that we didn’t win, but it was also funny how we submitted 1 entry (compared to others who have thousands), and we still hoped to win. We called ourselves “Team Isa Lang.” I really am surrounded by the best and funniest people.

The day of the event came, and it felt like we traveled back in time.

Since I was the oldest in the team, I am used to seeing the parents coming to the event to send off the kids. I am used to the parents calling me, asking if the show has ended so they can fetch the kids. Yes, the kids. They will always be my kids. Though during the event, these kids went alone. I asked them if they told their parents where they were going, and Nathan said, “I’m 18.” I didn’t expect the shock that I felt. Everyone has grown up. It was weird; I met them when they were 14. Jeane even said she felt like 14 again.


I guess it’s safe to say that we really made a happy place that we can always come back to when life is shitty – and that’s 5SOS and the Filipino 5SOSFAM. It was really nostalgic. Most of us even felt like crying because we were reunited again. My heart is full until now.

#5sosjustwokeupinmnl 5sos in mnl

And no, I didn’t see 5SOS. At all. It was weird because I was pretty sure that my 2013 self would like to be in Team Departure or Arrival – even Team Hotel. But growing up, or it is also because I already met them, I just don’t have the energy to do these things anymore. We were asking each other if we should go to the hotel and try if we can see them, but we’re like hmm… it’s bedtime for the old folks. We’re really old and exhausted. 😂

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I’d also love for others to meet them – for others to have a chance to finally see their favorite band. I don’t think one time is enough for me; I would love to see them again for sure. It’s just that… I’m not in the zone yet since I’ve been hiatus in the fandom as well. I told myself I will be active again, though. I felt like I raised everyone, and I want everyone to have the best experience with 5SOS and the F5F that they can possibly have.

Perhaps, next time, when 5SOS comes back again. See you again, then. 💙

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