I live in a small town where there is a coffee shop that’s literally 5 minutes away from my house. And on top of this place being The Art Capital of the Philippines, we also have plenty of milk tea shops, eateries, restaurants – not just museums and art galleries.

Ang dami ng nagsulputang food and drink joints here for the past years. Obviously, I don’t go to each and every opening (hahaha #walangpera), but a post from Patnubay ng Angono caught my attention.

chekko soft opening

Wait, kilala ko ‘to.

Chester was one of my classmates in elementary. I don’t know why I felt somehow happy that he opened his own business! We’re not even close, mind you. When I checked on Facebook if we shared messages before, nope, we didn’t. Not even once! I’m bad at keeping in touch, okay. Nakakahiya. But I somehow collected my awkward self and finally messaged him.

When we got to Chekko, I thought it’d be awkward, but Chester is still very welcoming and nice – as well as Nikko! The ambiance of the place is also very uplifting. Ang gaan sa loob. I LOVE YELLOW. It reminds me of sunflowers and sunshine. I love the wood elements they add in their interior, too. It gives it a rustic and homey vibe. Chester mentioned that he wanted to be a little different from other milk tea shops by changing the usual color scheme, which is green. I think it’s wise. Talagang pinag isipan nila mga bagay bagay. Ang galling lang. Now I understand why my feasib back in college suck. HAHAHAHAHA!

chekko ph


Upon entering, you will surely notice their cute “mascot” painted on the wall. This doggo is inspired by their Shih Tzu + poodle, Keesha. I’m so lucky to meet her that day! A whole cutie 🥺🥰

chekko angono

While waiting for the food, I kept looking around to take pictures. I really love the setup. What made me love it even more is this floor lamp that they recycled from a mineral water gallon. Ang creative.

When our order arrived, I was delighted when Chester said that the cup is reusable – and that you get less P5 on your order if you bring the cup. Ugh, I’m so proud of him and Nikko. The things they are doing for sustainable living. Sana oil.

chekko milktea

They have an ongoing Buy 2 promo as I write this. If you buy 2 grande of Okinawa or Wintermelon, you get to save P29. We were told that Wintermelon is their best seller, but since Okinawa has a coffee in it, we had to try that! I love it, hindi lasang asukal lang. (huhu sorry, I had a couple of experience na lasang asukal lang talaga, so I’m glad this didn’t disappoint).

I love milk tea, but I’m not a pearl person. I told this to Chester hanggang napagusapan na namin how he learned to make milk tea. He and Nikko are very hands-on. Talagang sila halos lahat ung gumagawa. Smart.

For the starters, we got Carbonara pasta, Spaghetti with tuna and mussel sauce, and buffalo wings. Ang sarap ng buffalo wings and ang anghang. They also use fettuccine pasta for carbonara (importante ‘to sa akin – details!). Pinakagusto ko, though, is ung spaghetti. Sawa na ako sa bida ang saya. I’m glad that this one is different and bagay sa milktea – contrast ‘yung lasa nila. I recommended this if sawa na din kayo sa carbonara.  

Sobrang mura talaga dito. The starters are only P70, and the serving is already good for 2, sobrang sulit. Here’s Chekko’s menu:

chekko ph

If you are visiting Chekko, you can use my code “viennaxchekko” and enjoy 10% off your milk tea. Antayin daw nila kayo. 😉💛 Let me know if you’re going! 🙂

*please note that the code is a one-time discount code per customer – you only have one chance kaya gamitin mo na ahaha

I’ll update this post when Chekko decides on their Grand Opening date – will post about it too.

I really had fun during our stay here. They play lots of KPOP songs (hehehe). The first on the line was BTS. Understandable. LOL Also, I love observing and watching people, obviously – that’s how I tell stories. I saw how Chester recognized the customers. He’d say “Uy, bumalik sila.” And then he’d smile so big it’s contagious. Sobrang sarap sa feeling, I thought and felt that. I know for sure I’ll come back too.

I enjoy talking to people and asking about the stories behind their businesses and passion projects. It somehow ignites my own passion about my own thing.

chekko wintermelon
Wintermelon. Thank you po sa pa-take out! 😉


Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chekkoph/

Follow them on Instagram: http://instagram.com/chekkoph

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