If there is one thing that I look forward to in a year, it would be New Year (even more so than my birthday). I know it’s just another day, technically. And it might elicit pressure for some people, like thinking how time is indeed passing us by or ‘what am I even doing with my life?’

I don’t know, I think I just really haven’t grasped the full concept of time yet, so it is easy for me to say that. Regardless, the more I love New Year because it helps me reflect. I know you can do it everyday if you want to, but I just really love it!! I love the idea of it, how it seems like I’m starting anew like how the Earth will start its orbit around the sun again or writing a new book or a chapter.

What makes this more special is we are closing a decade to start a new one!

Yesterday, I went out with friends to watch Miracle in Cell No. 7 to end the year. The movie was great, by the way. I really love the Korean drama, so it is nice to see another adaptation. I still cried lots even though I already know what’s gonna happen and all that. It is very moving. I think the actors gave it justice.

We were supposed to go straight home after the film, but we somehow ended up on the road with no destination in mind. We listened to Ed Sheeran Radio on Spotify while reminiscing our college days. We had the windows down and we screamed at the mountains and the sea. The next thing we know we were already in Pililla, Rizal. (I thought we would go straight to Laguna and Quezon and will spend the New Year in the middle of nowhere. LOL)

Pililla is now known for its wind farm, so we went there to chill and breathe some fresh air. There is no entrance fee, but if you want to go higher up, there is a fee of PHP10 going to the view deck.

54MW Pililla Wind Farm >>

When we got to the view deck, we saw a rainbow! I know, we all have seen a rainbow, but is just one of those things that excites me! It is never the same rainbow, anyway.

We stayed there for a moment until it started to drizzle. People started to leave the deck, but we didn’t. We claimed the rain as the blessing. And then, it started to pour, that was the only time we went down back to the car. We were soaked! But it was really fun.

It was an impromptu road trip which made it more special. When you are used to routine and plans, it is also nice to do spontaneous stuff once in a while. I am really grateful for my friends.

So basically, I was just too tired when I got home that I didn’t feel like welcoming the New Year. Hahaha! I was already really sleepy before the clock struck midnight. But yea, I still managed to ate lots and drink some.

Anyway, here is my takeaway from the impromptu trip: I thought about how some people talk about being scared of ‘missing out’ as if we can do everything all at once or be in different places all at the same time. Missing what exactly? Missing out on life? How? I thought it is wishful thinking to hope for something like that. As we were driving, I thought that in an alternate universe, I am probably spending my time with family and relatives, or maybe I am in another country traveling alone. In those universes, I am missing out on other things. I think that’s when sacrifices come in – the little daily sacrifices that keep us going. When we work, we miss the time to spend time at home, and vice versa. When we stay in a job that we don’t like, we sacrifice the time that we are supposed to be doing what we love. When we get married, we already lost the time that we can be single, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. We miss out on a lot of things, but I also think we build some in other aspects of life. We just can’t really have it all. It is hard to make peace with it, but maybe in time, we will. It is about embracing the choices we make in this life, and then, make the most out of it. Amirite?

So yeah, that is basically how I ended my 2010s and how I started my 2020s.

I slept a lot today too. Usually, I would feel guilty because I deem sleeping as wasting time. But I told myself that this year, I will live with less guilt, like c’mon, sleep is vital. I will just have to be more mindful of how I spend my time to make sure I get things done.

Here are some photos from Pililla Wind Farm:

pililla rizal wind farm pililla rizal wind farm pililla rizal wind farm

(Please stop me from doing the peace sign. Ahaha)

I would love to document my life again here, so I guess you can expect more blog posts (hopefully). I would want to look back on my posts again 10 years from now and see how much things have changed and what would remain intact. It would be nice to remember.

Explore Rizal >>

I have read a quote once, and it goes something like this: I don’t want to forget. I want to be okay remembering.

I think that’s what healing feels like.

Happy 2020! How did you spend your first day of the decade?

Also, I’m starting the decade with 51,000+ views! Thank you so much for reading my thoughts. Cheers!

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