“Welcome 2021”

I saw this on Twitter trends last week, and I couldn’t be more relieved. Amidst all the things that happened in January (I sent a more detailed email on my mailing list that you can read here, just don’t forget to subscribe lol), I am glad that we still have the heart to hope that everything will be much better in the coming months. Though I find it really hilarious that we seem to want to skip all remaining months of 2020 just to start over again. Goodbye, 2020, then!

Kidding aside, January was indeed awful to the collective, but I hope that we still got to do what we want and we still found times to laugh and be happy and grateful as individuals.

And to sum up the month, I want to share the things I have been loving since the year started. Yes, I am bringing back my Monthly Favorites (and Discoveries this time) – but I want to focus more on the immaterial stuff and artistry plane of things (mostly because I’m not yet financially stable to buy stuff again and do hauls, lol).

(Passion) Projects

Aerocene Pacha

Aerocene is an artistic community that aims to raise environmental awareness; to unite space and time in, on, and with the air – all free from carbon emissions.

Last January 28th, for world record attempts, Aerocene and Tomas Saraceno launched its first fully-solar manned free flight, Aerocene Pacha. It is lifted in the air only by the sun and other energies of the atmosphere. No helium, fossil fuels, lithium batteries, and other rare gasses, which known to affect the environment badly, are used.

I love this project because I am one of those kids who dreamt of flying. I don’t know about you, but Peter Pan really did impact my childhood. I really really love fairies too, so there’s that.

Now I don’t want to sound like I am very knowledgeable about arts, science, and the environment. I am not. I found out about this project through Connect, BTS.

Yes, I know, the “KPOP group.” When I say they are beyond any music scene, this is it.

connect bts

Have I mentioned that I love them so much? Yes, I love them so much. I love the awareness and growth that I get in stanning them too.

Penpals | Made For You

Speaking of projects, Nadine Felice has this passion project where you will sign up to have a penpal! You will be matched with someone, and you have to send each other a letter. I love this project because it is also about connecting. I mentioned how important human connection is and how conversations with others help us expand our perspective.

I am not really in it to make friends, lol. I just thought it’s interesting; I am really curious. But who knows, right? I might end up being friends with someone who shares the same interest as me.

Matches are already released, and I can’t help but think how much time Nadine put into it to find the perfect match for you. My penpal is also an Aquarius rising like me (huh, she’s pretty much in astrology too – Capricorn sun and moon), and into KPOP as well. She didn’t mention BTS though in her list of “groups”, I hope she is not an anti. 😦

Mediheal Tata mask



Of course, the thing that heals the weary soul. Here are some of the music I kept listening to last January.

black swan bts


I have been telling myself that I will go back to reading for years now, and I think I am off to a good start. Finally. I finally finished a book by Colleen Hoover, Regretting You. Of course, I will make a review of it too. Please look forward to it. 🙂

My goal this year is at least one book a month. It is quite possible if I can read a chapter or two before going to sleep. Right?

I need to review another poetry book this month! I am quite excited. I love making reviews, especially poetry books.


I rewatched Parasite this January because I made a blog post for it as well. I had to screenshot stuff, so there’s that. I really hope you can watch it if you haven’t yet. It’s a gem.

Podcast / Youtube Video

It felt like I started the year right when I watched Joyce Pring’s podcast/interview with Angely Dub. I was so inspired and empowered. They talked about how people are becoming more and more sensitive these days; how you should build your standard, be transparent with your employees, and know your people. I also found out that Angely is an Aquarius Sun and I’m an Aquarius Rising; I knew she’s one of my people. 😀

Building boundaries is probably one of the hardest things we have to learn in this lifetime. I think one of the ways we can do it is knowing what we want and what we don’t want in a relationship – knowing the red flags. I love Jenn Im’s video about those toxic friends/relationships that we need to let go.

That’s it for my January Favorites and Discoveries. I hope you can take away something good from these things, and please let me know your own favorites and discoveries too. I would like to check them out and grow my list. 🙂

Have a great February, y’all. <33

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2 thoughts on “Welcome 2021 | January Favorites

  1. Kala ko talaga typo yung 2021 HAHA

    Ui gusto ko yang penpal kaso sarado na yung subscription hahaha…

    Gusto ko din gumawa ng newsletter kaso wala akong time. Ang galing may mailchimp siya hihihihi

    Gusto ko si Joyce Pring pag nagsusulat sa blog nya…tamad kasi ako manood at makinig ng mga podcast


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