I must admit that with all the social distancing we have to do for safety measures, it kind of reminds me of Five Feet Apart. I am not a hugger as I find it awkward, but that movie made me realize how important human touch is. So when I saw Fet Boys on Facebook and the tag line of being hugged by a cookie, I got really intrigued. They offer this Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie that you can order in GIANT size. And yes, IT IS GIANT.

Cute story first, my brother ordered the cookies for his girlfriend and his girlfriend ordered the cookies for him too. That made me so happy because I love cookies, and it’s funny how I benefited from this exchange.

Fet Boys cookie

YUM! I love how it is not sweet. AT ALL. My mother refused to taste it first because she is not a fan of sweets. I convinced her that it tastes as if there’s no sugar in it, and I regret doing so. She was able to finish 4 cookies that could have been mine. LOL! The Fet Boys are very generous with the amount of chocolate and walnuts in every piece.

And of course, I have to show you the difference between their GIANT size and the regular one.

I think this regular size cookie is about the size of seven 5peso coins. Now, look at the regular size beside the GIANT one.



I know, right? IT IS GIANT. I hope you can try it too. Aside from the taste, the size really got us excited, so we enjoyed it a lot.

Regardless of how huge it is, I really can’t get enough of these cookies. It is sad that they are far from where I live so the shipping fee is expensive, but I’m glad I got to experience being hugged by a cookie.

You can reach Fet Boys on Facebook. They deliver from BFRV, Las Piñas, and Kamuning, QC.


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