It is the 1st of November. I am slumped on the floor of our tiny home with my three cats lying beside me, tucked under the blanket to keep us warm. I am having my second cup of coffee for today, and I thought I am going to write since the electricity is finally back (but the internet connection is still cut).

It’s storming and we’re under signal #4. I can hear the roar of the wind outside and the way the trees sway with it, way too strongly. I am scared that they might bend, and eventually break. Thankfully, it is just its thin, tiny branches coming off. And then more sound of these unripe mango fruits being forcefully detached from the tree, falling either on our roof or my relatives’ – which makes our heart skip a beat every time one drops. Amidst it, there is a muffled sound of the speaker from the church. There have been prayer sessions going on since this morning. We can’t go against nature, but the higher power (or whatever we believe in) should have the upper hand, right? I hope all our prayers, especially now, can be heard.

We already packed up last night in case we need to leave. I live in a flood-prone area. I remember we had to evacuate during the typhoon Ondoy because the water reached our house. (It means the flood outside is already waist-deep). I remember during our elementary days, there was this time when my mother fetched us in school and everyone was crossing the street with fastened ropes as our lifeline as the current got stronger every second. This was when classes were not suspended until everyone was already stranded due to floods. We have come a long way since then.

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We weren’t able to sleep last night because of the deafening silence, that crippling feeling that you are just waiting for the imminent danger to occur. Tonight, the rain and strong winds have passed. The world outside is quiet. Some days, this kind of stillness gives me comfort, but not tonight. Not when it sounds like the homes that got wrecked and lives that suffered and were washed away.

Tomorrow, it will just be another day for us. Some of us probably have to go back to work, even remotely. No sign that we went through the world’s strongest typhoon this year. But not for the many who got directly hit by this; the ones who are still trapped in the havoc. Let’s not forget them. Let’s use our privilege (and luck, if you may) to send help to all the casualties – in whichever way we can, in all the little things we know how.

I hope you are safe.

I hope the universe will keep us all safe.

Please keep yourself warm.

Hi! If you are not from the Philippines and you are reading this, I hope you can send help too. And I pray for your safety as well, wherever you are in the world.

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