I love how the world succumbs to Midas touch during sunset. Everything glows and glitters with hues of fires and tangerines; tinctured with gold. It reminds me again how I used to love it more than sunrise. In an old blog post, I said:

I love the sunset more than the sunrise. Sunrise sure does bestow hope. It makes me grateful that I made it to another day. But the sunset gives me more of the fulfillment I need at the end of a long, tiring day. It screams with an intense fire above: you made it through the day. I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

I have always loved the sunset. It brings back childhood memories of late afternoons chasing dragonflies and having scrumptious snacks by the lake. Even back in the city, I look forward to finishing work and seeing the burst of its intense colors across the cityscape. It is breathtaking. I love how I associated it with the feeling of (going) home.

The first week of 2021, however, struck me why I love sunrise better now.

Running at dusk, while so alive, is too crowded and noisy for my liking. I enjoy watching people. Kids having the time of their lives swinging up and up and up; filled with thrill and excitement riding the seesaw. A couple of friends cycling around the circle or having their own marathon. I am more of a zealous spectator of tennis, though. It triggers nostalgic scenes from Prince of Tennis. But yea, that’s just about it. At sunset, I am without.

And I still want the calmness of early mornings.

snowflower earrings

Running at dawn gives me a sense of peace. It feels like it eases away all my worries from the night before and the day ahead. I love the feeling of having to slow down while the rest of the world is in haste. People preparing to go to work and just go about their day while there’s me… basking in stillness, my thoughts wondering, wayfaring with every step I take. There’s something about the first break of dawn that words can’t give justice to. It gives me the chance to just be. I am within. I am home.

While it doesn’t guarantee a great day, it’s still better to be sad surrounded by nature than be sad while cooped up in bed. Also, I have this mindset that even I fail to be productive for the rest of the day, I was able to at least accomplish one thing and that’s to see the sunrise and complete my daily km goal. It’s a small triumph even though it doesn’t always feel enough at times. 🙂

So, do you prefer sunrise or sunset, and why?

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3 thoughts on “sunrise or sunset?

    1. Hahahahaha sobrang ganda din kasi ng sunset, ate. I feel like lalo dyan kasi nasa dagat ka huhu ako naman kasi gising ako magdamag hanggang umaga talaga :DDDD

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