I previously mentioned that I started reading this book “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 (82년생 김지영)”. But I had to stop at some point because aside from it made me really mad, it has become too triggering to bear.

To my surprise, I saw it featured when I opened my Netflix. I don’t know when it was added or if it will be removed soon, so I watched it right away.

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 is a feminist film that revolves around Kim Ji Young and the life she lives as a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a woman of societyㅡall this while battling postpartum depression.

She can’t go back to work or miss going to her in-laws because that is expected from her as a mom and a wife. As if working while taking care of your child makes you less of a mother??? As if choosing to spend the holidays at home and not in your in-laws make you a bad wife??? And isn’t it everything parents do is for their children too? When I say, I am livid.

I have come across this post from a mother that says being a mom doesn’t take anything from you. Instead, it adds something in you. This film showed that your children shouldn’t be the ones holding you back (because they will feel bad about it lol).

Not all of us want to be a mother, not everyone of us deserves to be a mother. And in this film, there is another character that doesn’t just follow the society’s norm. Kim Eun Young, Ji Young’s sister, is the Titas of Manila in us. She doesn’t give a shit if her aunts keep telling her to get married and have children. She is another hero in this story.

The importance of mental health is also conveyed in the movie and how everyone of us needs to seek help not only because we are crazy but because our mental state is very important if we want to live a better lifeㅡfor ourselves and the people around us. Kim Ji Young chose to seek help and I’m glad that in the end, they kind of ‘figured out’ the parenting style that works for them.

We still have a long way to go before we can destroy this patriarchal shit we all grew up in, but I’m also glad that we have come a long way since. I hope soon enough, we can make the world safer for our children.

There are probably some differences from the movie and the book so I should go ahead and continue reading it.

Have you seen this movie? I will probably make it my life goal to make everyone I know watch this, especially the sexist ones 😂 Please stop with your fragile masculinity JEBAAAAL 제발

Thank you for reading! 🤎
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10 thoughts on “Kim Ji Young Born 1982 on Netflix

  1. After watching the Squid Game I was looking for another KDrama to binge watch will definitely check this one out. This KDrama looks interesting and has a strong story to tell.


  2. It’s an interesting story that has its own subtle twists. Just the same, it tackles issues that many of us could relate to. I really should start watching Korean dramas and movies.


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