A week before Christmas, I was rushed to the hospital.

I had terrible back pain. It was too painful that I kept vomiting. There was no comfortable position no matter what I did. I wanted to scream. I seriously thought I was gonna die. ๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s more painful than getting a tattoo or when the ENT doctor vacuumed my ear.

I was given a pain reliever while we wait for my urine test, for kidney infections or something. The result was all normal, though. I was asked if there was any activity that could have caused the pain. I told the doctor it’s possibly my poor posture. I also slept sitting on the floor that day. I really think I strained my back in that position since I didn’t use any pillow. So, I went home after they gave me medicine that I can take when it hurts again.

After a while, the pain on my back was gone. That’s when I finally felt the pain in my stomach. Acid reflux? I remember having too much iced coffee that month (than my normal)โ€”sometimes, in an empty stomach. Vomiting is kind of ‘normal’ to me when I do that. Or when I eat too much. But the back pain is new.

Anyway, I couldn’t be sure if it’s acid reflux this time, but I feel like puking every time I eat heavy or too fast. And every time that happens, my back will hurt too. So I stopped having coffee after the hospital incident, also chocolates and anything that has caffeine or too much sugar in it. How sad, right?? I feel better now, but unhappy with the withdrawal. I just want my coffee!

Here’s the thing, though… one day, I slipped and had a taste of this coffee-based milkshake. My mother was like, “you can’t take that”. I was like, “share tayo.” HAHAHAHA And there you go, I woke up twisting in pain and vomiting again. So much for stubbornness. I didn’t ask to be rushed to the hospital because I already have meds. I know I need to go back for checkup and hopefully, I can ask when can I have coffee again. For now, I’m no longer your highly caffeinated Asian writer. I would still really appreciate it, though, if you can buy me a coffee to keep this blog running. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Just barely two weeks in the new year and I already can’t stop feeling how extremely tired I am everyday. I didn’t mind long, tiring days because I depended on coffee. Now, what? ๐Ÿ˜ญ

That’s it for my first blog entry for the year. I hope you are staying healthy! Let’s take care of ourselves better this 2022. Please stay safe and don’t get sick. If you already caught the flu, please rest well and drink lots of water.

Thank you for reading! ๐ŸคŽ
Please help me keep this blog running

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