Our “sense of self” can be a fragile thing. Hearing different voices telling you who you are and who you should be does not help either.

And that’s why I write. When I write down these certain emotions and thoughts while I go through and process them, it helps me recognize myself for who I truly am.

This blog is a road down memory lane where I can look back and see how much my perspective shifts and stays the same through the years. This is the place where I hold my truths – timeless yet perpetually changing. This is where I perceive myself over and over again. And I hope that you can also find yourself here.

As a brand, when words blend believes in the power of words — how it can make and break us. It promotes self-expression and strives for healthy conversations.

Message me here for collaborations and partnership.

I hope my words reach you,
when words blend signature

– April 2021 –

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