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Learning A New Language Through Music

When 2020 started, I tried to do this "monthly favorites and discoveries" which has just been neglected, given all the circumstances I (and the world) was in—and still in! But I didn't stop discovering things and finding something that can add value and meaning to my life especially during this pandemic. You really have to … Continue reading Learning A New Language Through Music

Almond book discussion

Book Discussion | Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

Almond Summary Almond is a book about a guy named Yunjae who can't identify emotions (his and others). He has a brain disorder called alexithymia. The book tackles how he grew up not being able to tell how he is feeling. Is he sad, scared, or happy? He can't tell. He also doesn't know how … Continue reading Book Discussion | Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

tteokbokki 떡볶이

Ready-to-Cook Tteokbokki by Popbites

I love food, but I do not like cooking. Well, I think it's fun. Sometimes. I can't grasp the fact that I have to spend at least half an hour preparing the food that I can devour in 5 minutes, so kudos to those who cook! I admire the patience and dedication. 😂 I love … Continue reading Ready-to-Cook Tteokbokki by Popbites

lee suhyun

because I need distraction at 2am vol. 9 | speak and live your truth

One of the things that I do to honor myself is to acknowledge my thoughts and emotions. And since it's International Women's Day, I thought I'll do just that by doing this series that I started 3 years ago. So.. grab your coffee (or any beverage of choice) and reflect with me. 🙂 10. What … Continue reading because I need distraction at 2am vol. 9 | speak and live your truth

A Love Story or Maybe Not

The other day, we overheard a conversation that really did something with my emotions. I heard this girl crying, and I started crying too. Apparently, she found out that her partner is having this flirty conversation with another girl. The guy kept saying that it is nothing even after he got caught. The next thing … Continue reading A Love Story or Maybe Not

True Beauty kdrama review

KDrama Review | True Beauty (2020)

The Story True Beauty (여신강림) is about Lim Jugyeong who got bullied in school for "being ugly." Since she was little, she was ridiculed because of her looks. When she got the chance to transfer to a different school, she found a way to transform herself through make up. In her new school, she got … Continue reading KDrama Review | True Beauty (2020)

kdrama review Start Up

KDrama Review | Start Up (2020)

Start Up had a lot of discourse on social media, especially about "Team Dosan" and "Team Jipyeong". I can't wait to finally talk about it! The Story Start Up's story started with the two sisters, Dal Mi and In Jae, who were separated at a young age because of their parents divorce. Dal Mi then … Continue reading KDrama Review | Start Up (2020)

Sunday Currently Vol 6 | True Beauty and milkshake

It's a good Sunday. I got a free milkshake from my favorite café, so I thought I'd write a Sunday Currently as I savor every sip. 😌 Reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I just picked it up again this week, and I feel like I want to read again from the start because there … Continue reading Sunday Currently Vol 6 | True Beauty and milkshake