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so nothing has changed | life lately

I went to the doctor last week to get my left ear checked. He asked me about my job and if I work from home too because of the pandemic. I told him I have been working from home since early 2018. So he said, "so nothing has changed?" I know he only meant the … Continue reading so nothing has changed | life lately

world suicide prevention day 2021

WSPD | this is okay

It can be overwhelming at first, but the dark isn’t too bad. It is the arms that caress her at night to make sure she doesn’t sleep alone; the gentle touch that wipes the tears away. It is the blanket that makes her feel safe—too familiar that it is impossible not to feel its comfort … Continue reading WSPD | this is okay

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 on Netflix

I previously mentioned that I started reading this book "Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 (82년생 김지영)". But I had to stop at some point because aside from it made me really mad, it has become too triggering to bear. To my surprise, I saw it featured when I opened my Netflix. I don't know when … Continue reading Kim Ji Young Born 1982 on Netflix

알레프 fall in love again

because I need distraction at 2am vol. 10 | the last

I was watching an anime and something stuck with me. It is said there that as we grow older, the more it gets hard for tears to come out no matter how heavy we feel. And I thought maybe that's why some of us write, to somehow release the baggage. So, here's an attempt. 5. … Continue reading because I need distraction at 2am vol. 10 | the last


so I turned 28…

The streets were unusually empty for a Sunday evening. Or has it always been like this since the pandemic? I miss the buzz of our small town, but I also love the peace and quiet now. I crossed the road—no vehicles going back and forth, no people loitering in sight. I was alone, but I … Continue reading so I turned 28…

Lukas Samuel and Friends

Learning A New Language Through Music

When 2020 started, I tried to do this "monthly favorites and discoveries" which has just been neglected, given all the circumstances I (and the world) was in—and still in! But I didn't stop discovering things and finding something that can add value and meaning to my life especially during this pandemic. You really have to … Continue reading Learning A New Language Through Music

Almond book discussion

Book Discussion | Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

Almond Summary Almond is a book about a guy named Yunjae who can't identify emotions (his and others). He has a brain disorder called alexithymia. The book tackles how he grew up not being able to tell how he is feeling. Is he sad, scared, or happy? He can't tell. He also doesn't know how … Continue reading Book Discussion | Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

tteokbokki 떡볶이

Ready-to-Cook Tteokbokki by Popbites

I love food, but I do not like cooking. Well, I think it's fun. Sometimes. I can't grasp the fact that I have to spend at least half an hour preparing the food that I can devour in 5 minutes, so kudos to those who cook! I admire the patience and dedication. 😂 I love … Continue reading Ready-to-Cook Tteokbokki by Popbites