Almond book discussion

Book Discussion | Almond by Sohn Won Pyung

Almond Summary Almond is a book about a guy named Yunjae who can't identify emotions (his and others). He has a brain disorder called alexithymia. The book tackles how he grew up not being able to tell how he is feeling. Is he sad, scared, or happy? He can't tell. He also doesn't know how … Continue reading Book Discussion | Almond by Sohn Won Pyung


Book Review | On the Occasion of a Wedding

This book is the perfect blend of poetic and romantic. It’s been so long since I’ve read a poetry book that is poetic (if that makes sense). Some modern poems do not have the appeal of old, classic pieces – they are more of a “quotable quote” for me than an actual poetry. But Ollie still has that charm in her works. Her style is a mixture of rhythmic and metaphoric. I really enjoyed reading the whole thing. It is very creative. Now, onto the details…

essence of an age book

Book Review | Essence of an Age

"Her touch silences the storms rattling my ribcage, as if she, too, could walk on the tide that rises in my stomach."

the longest night review

Book Review | The Longest Night

You can't always be somebody's 'forever'.
Sometimes you're just their 'summer' or their 'little while' ...
Sometimes not even that.
Sometimes the closest you'll get is their 'almost' or their 'maybe'.
And when they leave, the best you can hope for is to be their 'what if' or 'remember when' ...
Because you can't always be somebody's 'forever' ...
even if they were yours.

—The Saddest Truth of All

out of the ruins review

Book Review | Out of the Ruins

Maybe the home we are looking for is the home we can find in ourselves and not somewhere else 

your soul is a river review

Book Review | Your Soul Is A River

It was silent except for the sound of the river rippling through the unknown. It did not mind the past—it just carried on. It was the same river, but never the same water. It was healed.

the sun is also a star review

Book Review | The Sun Is Also A Star

This is the life you're living. It's not temporary and it's not pretend and there's no do-over."

Book Review | The Sun and Her Flowers

You might think Blooming is the most beautiful moment. Personally, I think the whole point of this book is to make us feel comforted in whatever season and part of the cycle we are in. Ironically, there is solace in knowing that things change; that we are not going to stay sad and miserable all our life. And that goes for happiness, too. Life is fleeting. Make sure all moments count.