Book Review | 13 Little Blue Envelopes + Giveaway Winner

Who doesn't want to backpack in Europe, right?

Book Review | The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

If you leave, what makes you different from the ones who stayed? If you leave, the child will still suffer. If you stay, the situation stays the same.

seeds planted in concrete review

Book Review | Seeds Planted in Concrete

This book is about embracing both the good and the bad. You can't get rid of the blackholes. They don't necessarily make the galaxy less beautiful. You can't get rid of the dangerous sea creatures, they are part of the beauty of the ocean. I have mentioned about Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa before. You can only know the true meaning of the most beautiful moments in life when you accept the fact that life is not always good; that there will always be bad things. But, that's all okay because there are always better days ahead.

Book Review | Mouthful of Forevers

We heal by accepting the fact that some things are not meant to stay but that better days ahead are coming.


Be the magic the world needs. xx

chasers of the light review

Book Review | Chasers of the Light

It's a collision of arts and I don't think I have seen something quite so strong and riveting.

bright dead things review

Book Review | Bright Dead Things

..we too are immense and calling out.

Book Review | Love and Gelato

Where can I find a secret bakery?