january favorites

Welcome 2021 | January Favorites

And to sum up the month, I want to share the things I have been loving since the year started. Yes, I am bringing back my Monthly Favorites (and Discoveries this time) – but I want to focus more on the immaterial stuff and artistry plane of things (mostly because I’m not yet financially stable to buy stuff again and do hauls, lol).

kikis delivery service review

Thoughts: Ending of Kiki’s Delivery Service

I hope we all find our magic - that burning passion to be of service - both to ourselves and to others.

June Journal Spread | Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Hi, friends ~ I'm happy to be back with my monthly journal spread. I keep doing this even though I think I am not improving. Hahaha! But it is my first time using Tombow brush, so I was ecstatic!   Since June is my birth month, I decided to go with my zodiac, Gemini. I really … Continue reading June Journal Spread | Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Banana Cupcake on Chinese New Year?

How did you spend the Spring Festival? I wish us all prosperity this 2018! There will be bad days, who knows how many of them, but I hope we all find the reason to keep going;

I Bought New Pens with My National Bookstore EPurse

I used to think that these cards are just not much of anything because you need to spend anyway to gain points. Like, way too much before you even gain a single point. That's just capitalism right there. Hahaha! But, in desperate times like this, it can be of help, too.

Vienna’s Pick | Favorite Blogs and Posts

To wrap my blog  life this 2017, let me do a recap of my posts. I also have a list of my favorite blogs and entries, just in case you want to reread or you fancy new reads.


We can be whoever we want to be. We are our own.


The fact that is was set in the Philippines gave me enough reason to purchased a copy. I'm really grateful to them for choosing our country because it will surely help our tourism with their global popularity.