tteokbokki 떡볶이

Ready-to-Cook Tteokbokki by Popbites

I love food, but I do not like cooking. Well, I think it's fun. Sometimes. I can't grasp the fact that I have to spend at least half an hour preparing the food that I can devour in 5 minutes, so kudos to those who cook! I admire the patience and dedication. 😂 I love … Continue reading Ready-to-Cook Tteokbokki by Popbites

milk and cookies

Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by the Fet Boys

I must admit that with all the social distancing we have to do for safety measures, it kind of reminds me of Five Feet Apart. I am not a hugger as I find it awkward, but that movie made me realize how important human touch is. So when I saw Fet Boys on Facebook and … Continue reading Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by the Fet Boys

momo nepal dumpling

A well spent Sunday with Machi at Maginhawa and UP Town Center

After a couple of cancelled plans and whatnot last year, I was finally able to meet up with Machi! So, I have stories to share with you, yaaay!

chekko angono

Chekko Milktea Soft Opening – Get 10% off

I enjoy talking to people and asking about the stories behind their businesses and passion projects. It somehow ignites my own passion about my thing.

Korean Snacks for PHP500

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these snacks as well or if you have any other K-snack favorite?

Cupping at Uggy Café with 18 Different Coffee Beans

Uhm, yes. You've read that right. Eight·een.

Banana Cupcake on Chinese New Year?

How did you spend the Spring Festival? I wish us all prosperity this 2018! There will be bad days, who knows how many of them, but I hope we all find the reason to keep going;


Here's to more events for a cause. Keep being an instrument of kindness. xx